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CD Safari: Fall 'N' Love

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What two things go together better than “Fall” and “Love”? Your autumn’s done come and as the leaves fall, so will your heart. If you’re back to school, don that sweater and start roving. If you’ve been involved in a May to September romance, your due for some serious rebound action. We here at the K Mail Order Dept. have compiled this CD Safari (nine albums for the price of a fancy box of chocolates or a pair of movie tickets) to be the soundtrack for a romance as complex as your most recent sticky situation. After all, what two things go together better than the music of K and your heartbeat?

This CD Safari includes all nine of these CDs for $15.00:

  1. Jeremy Jay Splash [KLP218]
  2. Dennis Driscoll Voices in the Fog [KLP136]
  3. Curious Mystery We Creeling [KLP225]
  4. Calvin Johnson Before the Dream Faded… [KLP170]
  5. The Rondelles Shined Nickels and Loose Change [KLP127]
  6. Desolation Wilderness New Universe [KLP204]
  7. Ruby Fray Pith [KLP239]
  8. Tender Forever No Snare [KLP217]
  9. Karl Blau Zebra [KLP205]