The Velvet Underground

The Legendary Guitar Amps Tapes Vol. 3 (Tummy Tapes) LP

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Volume Three of The Velvet Underground live in 1969, as heard from the back of Lou Reed's guitar amplifier. Powerful and LOUD. Ver listenable, all night long.

'On March 15, 1969, The Velvet Underground played its last show of a three-day engagement at The Boston Tea Party in Boston, Massachusetts. The entire set was recorded by a fan directly from Lou Reed's guitar amplifier. "Reed’s guitar is, of course, way up front and the rest of the band is barely audible. The result is a mighty electronic roar that reveals the depth and layers of Reed’s playing. Over and undertones, feedback, string buzz, the scratch of fingers on frets and the crackle and hum of tube amps combine to create a monolithic blast of metal machine music." - Head Heritage'

above quoted from MetaFilter Community Weblog