We’ve Got Cassettes!

Monday, January 21st, 2013


We just recently brought a lot of boxes that had been in storage back into the warehouse, and in the process we found a few gems–stuff that’s either been totally out-of-print, or simply hasn’t graced the cassette format in quite a few years.  Here’s an index of all of the K releases currently in-stock (as of 1/21/2013) in the highly convenient, portable, and wonderful cassette format.  Blast ’em in your car, on your boombox, or in your hand-me-down Walkman.

Beat Happening – Black Candy [KLP006]

Some Velvet Sidewalk – Avalanche [KLP010]

Heavenly – Le Jardin de Heavenly [KLP013] (has been totally out-of-print!)

Mecca Normal – Dovetail [KLP014]

Lois – Butterfly Kiss [KLP015]

International Hip Swing [KLP016] (a compilation of songs from the International Pop Underground series of 7″ singles)

Mecca Normal – Jarred Up [KLP018]

Lois – Strumpet [KLP021]

Mecca Normal – Flood Plain [KLP022]

KARP – Mustaches Wild [KLP027]

The Halo Benders – God Don’t Make No Junk [KLP029]

Kicking Giant – Alien I.D. [KLP034]

Classic Elements Compilation [KLP079] (a comp of Northwest hip-hop artists)

Chain & the Gang – In Cool Blood [KLP240]

You can find even more cassettes in our distro, known as the “friends & neighbors” section.

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  1. Punching_joe says:

    Why no Beat Happening – Jamboree

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