Saturday, March 13th, 2010

it’s true, Pizza Club is over, and in it’s place is a much fresher venue… the K Kitchen! Team Lunch on Friday finally happened today (after weeks of excuses ((mostly Arrington’s fault))). We just got a new refrigerator “as big as a Buick” and it rules! & now we need some bigger pots and pans to make it easier for giant amounts of pasta to be cooked. oh, and some better knives… better make a run to the west side asian deli cause the kiwi brand knives they sell are cheap and amazing! although we better not let CJ touch it cause he’s bound to chop off another finger… yikes!

Al Larsen walked in on a staff meeting last Wednesday and walked right out again! haven’t seen that guy in years! he’s playing with the Hive Dwellers & the Human Skab & lots more folks down at the Eagle’s Hall tonight which will benefit the country of Haiti. what a rockin’ dude!

Karl Blau’s video for “Dark Sedan” made in late 2009… so groovy… just sayin’

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