Wallpaper – On the Chewing Gum Ground [KLP194]

Monday, June 27th, 2011

As deliciously chewed up as Wallpaper’s debut LP On the Chewing Gum Ground is, it still retains all of its taste. Wallpaper do an excellent job blending their rock and pop influences from bygone days to achieve a wonderfully retro 60’s sound with a modern day garage rock attitude – culled from teenage years spent obsessing over old Kinks cassettes and Girl Trouble singles. Their wide-eyed care-free vintage pop manages to never sound outdated, keeping their sugar rush going for fourteen songs. Steve Potter and brothers Derek and Spencer Kelly – friends since elementary school – comprise the trio and keep the sound to a bare minimum: guitar, bass, drums, and snotty harmonies. This formula is showcased brilliantly on songs as cheerfully catchy as Pop Rocket and the Elvis Costello-esque opener Rock Collage. Unfortunately Wallpaper are no longer active, though Steve Potter and Spencer Kelly formed the reverb drenched Basemint shortly after Wallpaper’s demise. Both bands hearken back to days when pop was fun and infectious and both bands are definitely worth checking out.

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