Tiny House, Big Heart

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Kim Langston: long-time Olympian, friend to many, produce manager at our much-loved Olympia Food Co-Op.  She’s a big fan of tiny houses (you know, like the ones that are on wheels and are all compartmentalized and pretty), and decided she wanted to have one of her own, so she saved up for a while & set out to make her dreams a tiny reality…

…But the barn she was storing her tiny-house-to-be in caught on fire & burned everything–supplies, tools, and the almost-finished tiny house itself.  Which is why she started this campaign–to ask her community (however big that might be) for help in getting her tiny house project back on track.
Kim’s asked a bunch of her Northwest musician-type friends for help in creating a comp, and a buncha them are K folks that are near & dear to our hearts: Mirah, Tender Forever, Karl Blau, among a bunch of our much-loved friends & neighbors.
Good luck, Kim!
Artists participating in the Tiny House, Big Heart Compilation album include but are not limited to:

Kimya Dawson
Karl Blau
Your Heart Breaks
Tender Forever
Rae Spoon
Led To Sea
Eli & Ashley (from Lake)
HOT TEARS (from songs from Moms)
Aaron Weaver (from Wolves In The Throne Room)
Calvin Johnson
Jenn Kliese
ONYX O’Lovely (from Polka Dot Dot Dot)
Eleanor Murray
Mary Water
The Maxines
Chris Sand aka Sandman (The Rapping Cowboy)
Kerby Ferris (from Lovers)
Lisa Schonberg (from Explode Into Colors, Kickball and STLS)
Upside Drown
Cubby Berk (from Lovers)
and more…!

Think about all these beautiful songs wrapped in a beautiful sleeve letter pressed with an original artwork! Oh yeah. It’s gonna be so good your ears will long for more!

To find out more, please visit Kim’s indiegogo page, and watch the video below.

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