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Pink Elephant’s Graveyard

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

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On the 17th of November, a whole bunch of us (!) drove down near Astoria to the town of Sea View, Washington.  The plan was to meet up at the Sou’Wester, a beautiful old lodge with cabins and vintage trailers that you can rent (for real cheap, especially during the Fall and Winter).  Lindsay reserved the entire lodge, as well as a few cabins and trailers for the whole bunch of us.  Everyone arrived on time around 3:30, and hid.  The whole point of the weekend (other than Kendl Winter playing, and to have fun!), was to surprise Ange as a late birthday surprise party!

My husband, Joel, and I were the designated two people to “accidentally” run into Ange and Lindsay when they showed up, and to say that we were there to see Kendl and to celebrate our anniversary.  I don’t know if Ange suspected anything, but we toured each other’s cabins and trailers, and as soon as Ange walked out of ours, everyone popped onto the balcony of the lodge to sing and kazoo “Happy Birthday”.  It was a sight to see!

This was our cute little trailer!  It was just right for two people, stayed SO WARM, and was amazing to be in when a huge rain storm hit against the metal roof!

Ben Kapp, playing with the resident dog.


This was the beautiful lodge — there were so many pretty things to look at!

While we were there, there was actually a chocolate festival happening!  The blurry photo above is (correct me if I’m wrong — I might be!) what comes from a cocoa plant.  There were experts to tell us about the process of making chocolate, how hot chocolate and chocolate tea are made, chocolate tastings, and a movie about a chocolate company from another country.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the company.

Another adorable trailer!

While walking on the beach to look for bull kelp, Arrington and China found a SEAL SKULL.  SO RAD!

And this is what he did with the kelp!  Later on (in pictures below), he put a reed onto it to make it easier to play into.  Pretty epic.

We were only a few blocks from the beach, so of course, there were tons of trips down there.  Despite being ridiculously cold, it was gorgeous.  Ashley and Eli!

We spent the majority of our time upstairs in the lodge, eating soup and pies, taking pictures, talking, and playing hot dice (above!).

Kendl showed up to play a show with Joe!

More kelp songs . . .

Mariella and Ben!  Adorable!

Unfortunately, I missed Joe’s set, but Kendl was beautiful!

A dance party ensued . . .

A chocolate heart dance . . .

Apples to Apples!

And a night trip to the beach!  What I will remember about this is that once we got down to the beach, it was so windy that when the bubbles from the water were blown away, they glowed.  We thought that it might be from phosphorescents, but it was probably too cold for it.  It was so beautiful.

Birthday toasts!

And a snowball to end the evening!

We had a slow and mellow morning, but somehow managed to get the large majority of everyone together for a photo after breakfast.  What a sweet time!  We need more reasons to get out of town together!

From left to right, starting with the top row: Eli, Arrington, Kaile, Calvin, Ben, Michael, Mariella, Will, Kelly, Ange, Lindsay, (bottom row): China, Sarah, Miko, Joel, Ben, Ashley, Sara, and Mark!

Happy Birthday, Ange!
Sarah (and everyone else!)

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