The Songs of Rose Melberg

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Tiger Trap, 1993. Photograph by Monica Gessue.

Rose Melberg attended the International Pop Underground Convention in August, 1991, and sang “My Day” on the first night, the epic Revolution Love Rock Girl Style Now event at the Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia. It was recorded and included on the live compilation album International Pop Underground Convention [KLP011], and the rest is history – the history of Rose Melberg and K, intertwined through the years. Her various releases on K include the Tiger Trap debut Tiger Trap [KLP017] LP and Sourgrass [KLP023] EP, several Softies albums, two by Gaze and the Rose Melberg solo album Homemade Ship [KLP211]. That’s a lot of potatoes.

This woman has songs, and now  Matthew Budden at the Vancouver Observer wrote a story about Rose and her many moods, The Songs of Rose Melberg. It quotes a variety of sources commenting on Rose and her work, including fanzine writers, band mates, label mates and other admirers (including myself). An entertaining read, quite. Did you know that Rose once skipped-out in high school with Tiger Trap band mate Angela Loy (who contributes the best and last word in The Songs of Rose Melberg) to follow Mudhoney to London, England? A little known fact that did not make it into this article.

Rose Melberg, we love you!

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