The Official Unofficial K Lemon Bars Recipe

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

>Our wonderful and talented previous intern/co-worker, Jill Puccarelli, sent us the most beautiful version of her lemon bar recipe, which has officially been named The Official Unofficial K Lemon Bars Recipe! It’s fit to frame (and Mariella is, in fact, framing it!) — it’s that beautiful!

Of course the lemon bars themselves are marvelous (you’ll like them even if you don’t like lemon bars!), but the real secret is that you need a giant shield cookie-cutter — it makes them special every single time.

If you make these, will you send us a picture? Guaranteed not to disappoint!!


{click here for a print-worthy version!}

One response to “The Official Unofficial K Lemon Bars Recipe”

  1. Love Lemon Bars! Looking forward to visiting and learning more about Candles for Dead Bands and Little Tree. All best, Gayil

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