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Monday, March 3rd, 2014

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Karl Blauzar for Weblog
This year from March 1st 2014 to February 28th 2015, Karl Blau illuminates one recording per day via his Twitter feed. The 365 Karl Blau songs have been mixed at random and already laid out like a giant deck of tarot cards splayed out over Blau‘s great desk. Blau‘s back catalog is as eclectic and diverse as a farmer’s market in Queens, NY. As Blau has always been a trailblazer for new sounds and creative ideas, you’ll hear everything from pop instrumentals to Tropicalia, grunge to freak folk, you’ll even hear music you won’t know how to describe. Featuring the versatile voice of Karl Blau, interesting instrumentals and a cast of Northwest characters like Phil Elverum, Anna Oxygen, Mirah Zeitlyn, Sandman, Bret Lunsford (Beat Happening, D+) to name a few, this daily glimpse into the diverse sounds of 20 years of Blau is sure to raise some hairs, some eyebrows and some tapping feet.

According to Karl Blau, the New Year begins each year on March 1st. His reasoning involves the months September, October, November and December being obviously the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th months respectively. Also to make resolutions in the middle of winter – say January 1st – is ludicrous from Blau‘s perspective as he hasn’t meditated enough on the year that has transpired and is generally not prepared to make resolutions until March.

From the lips of Blau: “May this year be the Year of Fortune to all who want it. May your fortunes spring from a curiosity of living.” All are invited to participate, open-minded individuals may wish to experience the recording du jour like a fortune cookie holding some sort of connection to the day at hand. Do so by tuning into Blau‘s twitter feed @KarlBlau or websites:  or

Karl Blau
‘s most recent recording on K is the Max [KLP227] EP. klp227_thumb


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