The K Singles Zip-Pak: LAKE!

Monday, December 6th, 2010

The most recent transmission of the K Singles Zip-Pak features the LAKE song “Higher Than Merry”, which will be paired with “You Are Alone” on Volume CXXVII in our International Pop Underground series of 7″ phonograph records. Both songs were recorded by Tucker Martine at his Flora Studios in Portland, Ore.

LAKE: a band without a show-off. So busy paying attention to the song they are playing, they neglect to draw attention to themselves. In the studio many sentences begin with “What this song needs…” LAKE also know what a song wants, and how to fulfill its most elusive desires. Everyone’s unworkable ideas are vetoed with parity. The song itself, no matter who originated it, is paramount. It is with cheerful voraciousness that the members of LAKE devour the act of creating music.
This edition of the K Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, recordings that will not appear on the “Higher Than Merry” phonograph record, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept. Because music flows so freely from the various members of LAKE, one band can not contain it all. Here is a song from each of the five LAKEs (Mark, Eli, Lindsay, Ashley and Andrew), either solo or with one of their many combos.

A song by Skrill Meadow, starring Mark Morrisson. This one deviates from their most recent set of neo-country recordings by getting all bedroomy soft and dance floor hard. Skrill Meadow have several releases available through Brown Interior Music.

“Leading Yourself”
Presenting Eli Moore, all solo and heartfelt. Haunting.

“Just Cuz”
PMS Dark Feelings is a collaboration between Lindsay Schief and Grant Cross. “Just Cuz” was written by Grant and sung by Lindsay, with musical accompaniment by Ashley Eriksson and Eli Moore.

“Higher than Merry”
This is a special treat, Ashley Eriksson’s original bedroom demonstration recording of “Higher than Merry” from a few years back.

“Guitar for Long-Eared Owl”
Andrew Dorsett has recorded under various aliases. For this song he is known as -a.

The LAKE 45 rpm phonograph record “You Are Alone” / “Higher Than Merry” [IPU127] is available January 25, 2011.

This week the K Singles Zip-Pak features Jeremy Jay from his upcoming Dream Diary [KLP212] album (plus Special Apps!).


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