The K Singles Zip-Pak: Eprhyme!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The most recent transmission of the K Singles Zip-Pak featured selections from the upcoming album Dopestylevsky [KLP230] by innovative and boundary-crossing rapper Eprhyme. Combining live and electronic elements with contemporary storytelling and timeless soul searching, these songs represent a unique marriage of secular and spiritual aesthetics. Pulling from Esoteric Jewish sources and tradition, scenes from city life, bouts of emotional turmoil and Hip Hop History, Eprhyme is a poetic midwife for a new brand of American Independent Music, and the first Hip Hop artist K has released in over a decade.
These recordings were made in Olympia, Wa. with Smoke of Oldominion.

1. “Poppasong”
This is built off of breaks and riffs from a song Eprhyme’s father wrote and recorded in 1961! Taking the father/son dynamic as a conceptual jump-off point, this explores family relationships through the kaleidoscopic lens of Hip Hop History. (Needless to say, this is his dad’s favorite song!)

2. “Notes from the Underground”
A haunting and hypnotic 3/4 rhythm punctuated with a brilliant horn section and 12-string guitar (played by Daniel Landin of Olympia Klezmer band the Erev Ravs). Each verse is in the voice of a different personality of street musician from the subway. Featuring Olympia MCs Xperience and Glimpse.

This edition of the K Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, recordings that will not appear on the Dopestylevsky album:

3. “Gimme Shelter (Eprhyme v. the Rolling Stones)”
Commissioned by the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco for an audio installation exhibit for the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot. It is an abstract expressionist meditation on the inner dimensions and spiritual significance of the holiday- and it bumps!

4. “Spoils of Love”
This song was written and recorded in 2006 and just never made it out of the studio. It is a beautiful and panoramic snapshot of a break-up in process. It features the soulful singing of Stephanie Schief.

The album Dopestylevsky [KLP230] by Eprhyme is available April 26, 2011.

This week the K Singles Zip-Pak will feature LAKE from their upcoming volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7” phonograph records (plus Special Apps!).


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