The K Singles Zip-Pak: Arrington de Dionyso!

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

On Thursday the K Singles Zip-Pak included a very special collection of recordings. Usually it contains a preview of some future K release, augmented by Special Apps (by which we mean groovy bonus material available nowhere other than the K Mail Order Dept.). This transmission was comprised entirely of Special Apps, a batch of lathe disc recordings Arrington de Dionyso made late one night at the Dub Narcotic Studio. Re-visioning ancient technologies for the naked future, Arrington de Dionyso uses the same cuneiform-carving wedges that built the ziggurats of Mesopotamia to carve sound waves into plastic picnic plates in Olympia, Wash. The resulting sounds are off the hook feral yawps that transcend time and space, with the power to penetrate mountains and collide protons. Repetition and trance are constant themes in these hand-made records, each one ends in a locked groove that can be played infinitely to induce either a meditative or a frenzied state of altered consciousness. This process is illustrated in a short documentary by N.Y., N.Y. filmmaker Elisa de Prato:

Arrington de Dionyso with Record Lathe from Elisa Da Prato on Vimeo.

The resultant phonograph records are available for sale directly from Arringotn de Dionyso at live performances; and he’s on a tour of the West Coast right now! Oh wait…the final show of the tour was last night in North Hollywood…So bogus.

Here is a list of the Special Apps songs included in the K Singles Zip-Pak, followed by Arrington’s commentary:

1. Halilintar (Instrumental)
“This is the actual recording being used as a rhythm track for the last song on Suara Naga [the upcoming album by Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa]; Gordon Baker on bass, Stephie Cristol on drums, Arrington on bass clarinet.”

2. Halilintar (Alternate Vocal Version)
“While each lathe cut record is a one-of a kind sonic art object in itself, I enjoy recording multiple versions of the same song- this is a live take of the song “Halilintar” played with a completely different rhythm by the line up listen above, along with Angelo Spencer on guitar.”

3. Madu Mahadahsyat (Extraordinary Honey)
“Angelo’s guitar line in this one is extra sinuous! ‘Honey this sweet can’t possibly come from a hive.’”

4. Riddim Ragga Raga (Instrumental)
“Dub stylings with live manipulation of percussive and bass clarinet sounds sent through an amplified echoplex!”

5. Space and Time Are Demons (Version)
“From the same session as number 4, slightly intensified version of the same basic idea…”

6. Harmonic Voice Hologram
“A fractal spectrum is illustrated using vocal harmonics.”

Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa will release a new album, Suara Naga [KLP226], on March 29th, 2011.

On November 25, 2010 the K Singles Zip-Pak will feature work by Eprhyme from his upcoming Dopestylevsky [KLP230] album (plus Special Apps!).

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