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Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

After a long K Staff Meeting, things can get a little crazy in the K Warehouse (partly due to the amount of cookies & tea consumed),  but I often find that after all the orders are filled & all the co-worker buddies have gone home, I find myself unable to leave the warehouse.  Instead, I sometimes get lost in what is known as the “K Server,” a place that holds all things K related, digitally.  It’s grown substantially since I started working at K in 2003 & I guess I forgot what I had in my personal folder, probably because I have changed computers about 4 or 5 times.  Hey people, the K Mail Order Dept. prides itself in using only the finest PC’s pre-Y2K (except I think this comp. I got from Formo or Parke may be from the year 2008).  ANYWAYYSSS!   SO yeah, I’m all checking shit out & there’s this folder called “Polaroids.”  It must have been Spring of 2007 because Tricia Matthews is pictured here working in the Mail Order Dept. (we love her).  I selected a few of the photos found for your viewing pleasure, or maybe just mine.  Either way I’m gonna be posting on the weblog from here on out (even though I invented the original back in the day & it’s really nothing new)!


This is John Christian Hoerr.  He was our “handy man” for years until he moved to Seattle & became a Dad & stuff.  He was soooo grumpy.  Anytime things needed to get taken care of with the phone company or whatever, he would just yell at them & demand to talk to their superior.  It made some of the interns uncomfortable… but I would just laugh & laugh.  For a while we put his office in this small room in the basement that had no windows, it is where we keep all the original tapes & test pressings for K albums.  He didn’t like his cave & insisted he join me in the warehouse… but it was SO bogus because he was all “we can’t listen to this crazy rock ‘n’ roll!” or “blah blah blah”…  but really we were great friends & I miss him.

This is Calvin Death Johnson.  Actually, his bills from the City of Olympia say “Douglas,” but one day he told me it was actually “Death,” so I’m all “cool dude!”  Here CJ is pictured in front of his silver machines that do stuff in Dub Narcotic Studio.  What do all those knobs & buttons do?  Hell if I know.  Hey, nice sweater Calvin!

This is Shawn Parke.  A famous local producer, DJ, & human being.  During this era of the K Staff, he was our web man.  He later became the Production Manager after I went back to the Mail Order Dept. (because of TESC).  He literally came to our door, asked for a job, wasn’t qualified, we gave him the job, and he taught himself all this crazy electronic web stuff in like 3 days.  He has 2 kids that are hilarious & he LOVES pizza.

This is Mariella B. Luz.  She’s been the general manager at K since I started working here, & she is not messing around.  This lady means business!  The painting of soldiers (one wearing a tutu) was made by her husband Michael Elvin.  She has the #1 most adorable little boy in the world.  She is the best.

This is James Maeda.  He works at Rainy Day Records in Olympia, & has since he was born.  He plays guitar & sings in Morgan & the Organ Donors, Spider & the Webs, thee November Witch, and he can shake that hair like you can’t believe!  He likes to say the word “crazy” a lot.  What a great guy.

This is Tricia Denise Matthews.  She’s from Rockford, Illinois & now she lives in Chicago.  She kept the #1 cleanest desk in the office ever (except maybe Sarah Cass has her beat?).  Calvin would always called her “Trish” & she would always politely correct him.  That was funny.  She’s a sweetheart.  I still have this picture of cats on my desk that says “Meow Mondays” that she made for me when I was in a bad mood.

What is this mountain man doing at a video store!?  He’s actually the top dog over at Rainy Records on 5th Ave, making all the great records available to Olympians that were previously out of reach.   Now you don’t have to catch a bus or hitch a ride to Portland to get cool records, no… all you have to do is ride your bike over to Rainy Day Records and peruse their incredible selection of new & used LP’s, or dive into their movie selection organized alphabetically by director!  When I’m not poor (I’m always poor) I like to spend ALL of my money here.  He also plays guitar in the November Witch.  Where other record stores seem to refuse to order records from us, Rainy Day has always been a big supporter.  Adam is the man!

This is Wyatt.  I met him once in Portland.  What a cute kitty.

I know this isn’t your typical K weblog post or anything, but this is what the K Staff gets for including me in on this world wide web of K hi-jinks & shenanigans.  I can hear this funky jam that the Hive Dwellers are working on in the studio beneath me, Gabriel’s bass line on heavy rotation, workin’ it’s way into my future dreams!  This new Hive Dwellers record is gonna rule!  Alright, I guess I better go home now… I just started class yesterday & have this whole book about THE BIG BURN & Teddy Roosevelt to read for tomorrow, plus I have 2 fe-lions to pet, & some dinner to create!

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  1. elizabeth says:

    i love the photos. that’s a great picture of mariella. the kitty is adorable!

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