The K News for December!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Holiday Specials from K!
No more fretting, peoples, all of your gift-giving desires can be fulfilled at the K Mail Order Dept. by perusing our various Special Holiday Offers. For instance:

K Shirts $10.00 for the Holidays!
For the month of December, the price of all K Shirts has been reduced to $10.00. This includes garments featuring LAKE, Kimya Dawson, Jeremy Jay, Mirah, Chain & the Gang, Tender Forever and other K-centric designs. Check it out at the K Shirts section of the K Mail Order Dept..

The Latest K 7” Grab-Bag!
A very important section of the K Mail Order Dept. is the Specials division, where one can find deals on music, garments, all that. The latest addition is a new International Pop Underground 45 Grab Bag. The concept is simple: Mail Order Maven Joel Brazzel throws a batch of the latest K Desirables (7”-style) in a bag and sell it for a price that will make you weep for joy (if you are the crying type). The December Grab Bag is distinguished from previous bargain sacks in that includes not just fab singles from the likes of Chain & the Gang, Spider & the Webs, Eprhyme and Angelo Spencer but also two volumes from the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series, too: Atlas Sound “Atlas Shrugged” [DBN113] and Joey Casio “Share the Cup” [DBN115]. You can view the whole list (and order it) HERE.

Old Time Religion, Songbook, Vol. One!
There has been a re-issue of a very special album from the vaults of Olympia’s nascent and long dormant record label Pine Cone Alley: the first album by Old Time Relijun, Songbook, Vol. One. Recorded live to half-track reel-to-reel at Dub Narcotic Studio by Diana Arens at the end of 1996, this is more than an important historical document; Songbook, Vol. One tears holes in the fabric of all known realities. It’s the clang, combustion and mass confusion that started it all. Songbook, Vol. One is presented by a new label located in New York City, Northern Spy, founded by former Olympian Robert Keefe, who was privileged to witness the early Old Time Relijun many time as the room bubbled over. the K Mail Order Dept. has some copies of the Songbook, Vol. One CD available now!

The K Singles Zip-Pak: An Extra Eight Weeks Included!
We are all so busy these days, and the holiday madness doesn’t let us catch up on our sleep, either! We know you have been meaning to subscribe to our latest brainstorm, the K Singles Zip-Pak (an on-going series of electronic singles available exclusively by subscription), but the time just keeps getting away from you! There is Good News: you dunt have to feel like you are missing out because the K Mail Order Dept. is offering a Holiday Special to curl your milk. Subscribe now for the usual one year (which only costs $35.00!!!) and you receive not only a weekly batch of songs and Special Apps (groovy bonus stuffs available nowhere else than the K Mail Order Dept.), you will also receive the previous eight weeks of the K Singles Zip-Pak, too! Hott Dang. Bargain of the Century!

K Downloadables: That Is Our Thing!
If you desire the latest in K digital downloadables, like the new Hive Dwellers 12” single ”Get In” [KLP223], the K Mail Order Dept. can zap it to your in-box. Your K downloads are less expensive (69 cents a song, $6.99 an album) directly from the source. We accept credit cards, PayPal, personal checks and money orders. When you visit the K Mail Order Dept. you’ll discover our coveted vinyl releases like the new Mecca Normal 45 ”Malachi” [IPU132], and selected items from our friends and neighbors in the musical world (see below). Each mail order is packaged with care and hand shipped by Joel. Purchase downloads or get music in a physical format (real phonograph records!) months before they are available anywhere else. The K Mail Order Dept., check us out!

Recent Releases from Our Friends and Neighbors!

Nikki McClure 2011 Calendars Are Here!
The most recent edition of Nikki McClure’s paper cut imagery calendar is here for 2011. Endeavour is a series of twelve situations illustrating concepts like “Behold”, “Choose”, Give” and “Make Eye Contact”. It’s the ginchiest!

The Chambermaids Down in the Berries LP (Modern Radio)
The Chambermaids’ second album Down in the Berries, sounds like one of those lost and forgotten 70s art-punk records.

Vampire Hands / Daughters of the Sun Skull Judge split LP (Modern Radio)
An album featuring two of the most impressive combos from Minn., Mn.

Vampire Hands Me & You Cherry Red LP (Modern Radio)
A mix of influences can be heard from psychedelic, experimental, noise, garage, dub, glam and pop.

Violet Flame Meditation The Goddesst EP CD (Dust Wind Tales)
A collection of agnostic gospel and soul, reclaiming spirituality for the great nothing and unknown—for beauty, pain and pleasure. Seven of the tracks originally released as “Grunge-y Hymns – Ruth Allison” (split cassette tape); this Dust Wind Tales release comes with new artwork, bonus tracks and overdubs.

Like floating stoned on the back of the turtle that carries the world. Or primal scream therapy.

Yellow Swans Deterioration CD (Modern Radio)
Musically comparable to a distillation of American hardcore, Free improvisation, Dub, Hip Hop, Noise, Industrial, and Modern Composition.

Morgan and the Organ Donors Arrogant Man 7” EP
A four song EP by Olympia’s latest garage pop sensations.

Cock and Swan Unrecognize LP (Dandelion Gold)
The ghostly, lonely feel of this Bothel, Wash. duo travels down the electronica line and feeds the uncanny. White vinyl; a CD copy is included with each album.

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