The Hive Dwellers 12" and unreleased tracks

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Very soon, Ben will be sending out this week’s Zip Pak of The Hive Dwellers. This might be my personal favorite of the Zip-Pak’s we’ve done so far. Included are a number of songs that don’t have a particular release attached to them. They are early Hive Dwellers tracks: Calvin Johnson performing with Jeremy Jay, Brett Lyman and Karl Blau (separately). Lots of playful piano, soaring synths and the svelte Calvin croon. Be on the look-out for that Zip-Pak. If you are not signed up, here is a sample of what Calvin cooked up with Mahjongg and Shawn Parke: — our song of the day over at K tumblr. That track is the 4th song on the just released (on our site) Hive Dwellers 12″: Get In.

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    >This picture is amazing! I love it!

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