The Corporate Ogre, Incarnate

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

>As you are well aware, K has been exploding the teenage underground into passionate revolt against the Corporate Ogre since 1982.

This instructional graphic aid was designed by Bret Lunsford. It appeared in K News #1, Autumn, 1984.

The Corporate Ogre is infinitely large and multi-national, hierarchical by design and patriarchal by nature. That’s a lot of potatoes. As a locally-oriented music and cultural endeavor we’ve concentrated our efforts on strategies for local people and groups to decentralize pop culture and grow regional scenes, always with an eye towards the big picture, how the Corporate Ogre’s insidious tentacles are reaching into every aspect of our lives and that of everyone else, all over the globe.

Food, clothing, medicine, transportation, energy, art, housing, even education, they are gaining ground. It’s a constant struggle to keep it real, local, retain a human element to our lives.

It is Class War, people. They started it; most folks are just trying to defend themselves.

Last month, some people in New York went on the offensive. Inspired by rebellion against our Corporate Overseers and their minions (the Republican Party) who have attempted to accelerate the redistribution of wealth from the public coffers to the top 1% through legislative action in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and elsewhere; inspired by popular uprisings in Africa and the Middle East against fascist political dominance, folks decided to take to the streets and occupy the home ground of the Corporate Ogre, to Occupy Wall Street.

People power of the firm, tender kind.

It didn’t stop in New York City. It spread because it’s not just Wall Street, it is the corporatization of Main Street all across the U.S.A. that has brought our economy down.

Bikes are people, too. Cars and corporations are not.

There are spontaneous, organic movements against the Corporate Ogre sprouting in Iowa, Alabama, Oregon, right here in Olympia!


It feels good. Looks good. Life is good.

Raspberry canes in the yard behind the K office.

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