Thanks for the memories K

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Hey K fans!

Its a slow day in the office for us interns last time reporting for duty. We have helped out a lot in the last few months here, updating the archives, helping with all the promos that get sent to radio stations and reviewers, organizing the warehouse and posting our own reviews and stories on the weblog here for you all to enjoy! I have met some really nice people and been turned on to some really great music while working here and I am gonna miss being a part of it. But, who knows what the future will bring?! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone here in the office for a great experience and to all the K fans out there for listening, my Olympia cred has increased a significant amount now! Lol.
Enjoy some pics from the farewell potluck/send-off the kind folks at K threw for us lowly interns to show their appreciation. Thanks for the memories!

Okay so there aren’t any pics of me cuz I was the photographer but, in case you are wondering..Here’s my ugly mug:

Pete The Intern

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