Tax Day!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010


Today has been a such a nice day! It is beautiful outside! Bob is hanging all of the big paintings that were in the studio around the office, and needed a little help (you can see why above!).

Aside from the new gems that we get to see everyday that aren’t hidden behind boxes and equipment now, it was payday today, so everyone took a bank walk and had lunch out (Shawn even got a new haircut!).

It’s feeling so much like Spring today that I’m getting antsy to start swimming in those lakes! On my walk to work this morning, I found a daffodil laying on the sidewalk . . . and then a tulip five feet ahead . . . and then twenty feet later, I found a whole mess of pretty flowers all over the place, and no one around. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I felt bad about it and brought them to work with me. They were divided up, and now everyone in the office has a little bouquet of flowers on their desk. Delightful!

I’m finishing up all of Kendl Winters’ artwork for her album that will be out on October 5th! I’ve got to get back to work to start uploading it to the printers. There’s a sneak peak below!

Hope that you have a good day!

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