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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Nucular Aminals and the International Pop Underground!

The recent Nucular Aminals album entitled Nucular Aminals [KLP233] has barely had time to cool from the multiple spins heating your living room turntable and there is already a new release available for an eager public who cannot get enough of their noisy pop rockin’ goodness. This is the latest volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7” 45 rpm phonograph records (always available as a digital downloadable!). “Nobody’s Man” [IPU137] is backed with two short bites of punked-out weirdness, “Kill Your Dogs” and “Garrison + Phillips / Garrison Phillips”. This music must be heard! Leave the screen door ajar and dance on the patio. The Pacific Northwest has bred another reason to turn it up and go ape.

Angelo Spencer and Karl Blau!

The new Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommits album World Garage [KLP235] has been taking the summer by storm. You hear it from the window of every passing car, bedroom windows across the neighborhood, the speakers at the roller rink, the blaster at the basketball court. It’s crazy-good! Did you know it was produced by Karl Blau? There is a new Karl Blau record out on K, too, Max [KLP227]. It feautes the music of Karl, all fluid and grooved out. Songs be bumpin’. A truly torch lit affair. Both Angelo Spencer and Karl Blau played at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over and it was torrid.

K Downloadables: Music, Possibly too Much!

While visiting the K Mail Order Dept. please note that it isn’t just for the acquisition of phonograph records, compact discs and cassette tapes; there is also an entire world of K musics available for download, whether it be the new Bobby Birdman “Don’t Walk Away” [DBN124] Dub Narcotic Disco Plate or a delectable back-catalogue item like the debut Mirah LP You Think It’s Like This but Really It’s Like This [KLP112], all of the musical downloadables you could ever desire are here! Now! For so much less money than all those other sites!

Besides such Digital Downloadables you’ll still find the latest in hardcopy pressings of K albums

(Tara Jane O’Neil met Nikaido Kazumi’s self-titled debut album [KLP234] and The Hive Dwellers “Get In” [KLP223] 12” single, for example) can be ordered, delivered to your house by the United States Postal Service! Sweetness. There are scads of new phonograph records, cassette tapes, compact discs, fanzines and garments by pals of ours from around the world (see a list of the latest additions below). We’re the K Mail Order Dept., check us out!

Recent Releases from Our Friends and Neighbors!

Pine Hill Haints The Evening Star LP, CS (Black Owl Radio)

A Compilation of assorted Pine Hill Haints singles and other rarities, some of which have either been out of print for a long while or never before released. The cassette version is released through Burger Records.

Karl & Genevieve Volcanologie 7” EP (disques O Paon)

The long-awaited collaboration between Karl Blau and Genevieve Castree (Woelv). Naturally, the artwork is incredible (as is the music).


Bird by Snow Subtle Body CS (Gnome Life)

This is a new cassette series from Gnome Life called “Echomancy Tape Series”. Bird by Snow offer up six new songs including “Wide”, “California Grace” and “Wild Wife”.

Little Wings Black Grass CS (Gnome Life)

The cassette version of the latest Little Wings album Black Grass. Such a perfect album of songs about living, breathing and general creation.

Little Wings Made It Rain CS (Gnome Life)

Eleven more Little Wings songs from the “Echomancy Tape Series”, including “Scuby”.


Bird by Snow Common Wealth LP/CD (Gnome Life)

The new Bird by Snow album produced by Tim Green.

The Divine 6/7 “Someone’s Gonna Have to Go and Rescue that Girl” 45 (Arkam)

A three song EP featuring the guitars and voice of Katie and Jamie from the Pine Hill Haints


Nightmare Boyzzz “Say What You Mean” 45 (Arkam)

Garagey punk; punky garage. The south is kicking our ass.

K Pocket Note Book

This is a hand-sewn blank booklet for notes, drawings and other secrets with a K logo embroidered on the front. 2 1/2/” by 3”, created by Jill, a most useful item.

Solvents Forgive Yr. BloodCD (Bee Resin)

A new album by Port Townsend, Washington’s pop rockin’ sensation. Skyward adventure!

Finesse “Believer” 12” single (Ecstacy Records)

The latest Portland, Ore. house music pushers are Finesse and this is their soulful debut single with Pash on vocals. Buckets of beats.

Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles Oh, Man Cover the GroundCS

A twelve song album from Shana Cleveland, best known to K folk as a singer in the Curious Mystery. It features her inimitable pen & ink cover art, too!

Nuts! fanzine #7

The Olympia lifestyle fanzine comes through with another tome to be reckoned with. In this over-sized issue find comics, band news, Slut Walk, Living Eyes, Bone Sickness, more!

Magic Johnson Perro Suelto 7” EP (M’Lady’s)

Wildly epic newest extended-play from Portland super duo, brimming over with radical feelings and FIRE. Every song is your new favorite. Yes, ONE OF THOSE. Issued in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies, all on black vinyl.

Coasting “Same Old Same Old” 45 (M’Lady’s)

Molten / red-hot follow up to their debut single on M’lady’s, this is Coasting’s third double A-sided jewel. A veritable juggernaut that will leave you speechless. With fantastic sleeve art by Cassie Ramone, printed on really fancy translucent vellum paper.

La La Vasquez “Buoy” 7” EP (M’Lady’s)

Sophomore scree from these London miscreants, troublemakers each and every one of them! Disrupting the London cognoscenti since last year, LLV unleash herein a torrent of sugar-covered venom. No known antidote! Issued in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies, all on black vinyl, all with UK-style punch-out center holes.

Sticks Scrapes 7” EP (M’Lady’s)

Instant classic from these Brighton wunderkinds, this record is a psychic press-gang that will have you looking at the tops of the trees until they’re bare again! They cover Finally Punk as well! Issued in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies, all on black vinyl, all with UK-style punch-out center holes.

Happy Noose Happy Noose LP (Dead End Social Club)

Happy Noose’s music creates their own sound, a vision of punk rock that embraces elements from the past and present. Their self-titled debut follows a well-received self-released cassette demo; now the band, with more time in the studio, has added to their power-trio style of punk rock by demonstrating their unique sense of punk rock and pop musical aesthetics.


Man the Hunter “Less for You” 45 (Ginko)

An irresistible pop 45…truly a double A sided affair! Written and performed by Michigan’s Evan Doering.


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