Revolution: A Reader. Get in.

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Publication Studio is a unique publishing house in Portland, Oregon who only print books in editions for which they have a demand. It’s a new idea in publishing, and they’re taking over the literary world one library at a time. Watch how over at this VIMEO VIGNETTE.

This past spring Publication Studio collated an 1100 page anthology of writings from the last 1,000,000 years called Revolution: A Reader [173; ISBN: 9781933662877], co-published by Paraguay Press  in France.

Editors Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler collected texts from across many cultures and times and organizes them roughly along a chronology of living, from “beginning,” to “childhood,” “education,” “adulthood,” and “death.” It includes work by a diverse array of writers: M.F.K. Fisher, Vivienne Westwood, Thomas Carlyle, Jean Genet, Angela Davis, Marshall McLuhan. According to the Publication Studio website “The book brings the embodied fact of revolution into the lived present by engaging readers with language that takes us there, no matter where we are to begin with. We are all in revolution, now.” The full table of contents, as well as current listings for dinners and other social gatherings that feature the Reader can be found online at THIS SPECIALLY DESIGNED SITE.

One of the pieces included was my profile from 2001, the text of which went through a number of incarnations through the years, eventually culminating in the Hive Dwellers song “Get in”. It is included on the new Hive Dwellers album Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241], which hits the streets tomorrow.

Hear “Get In” for yourself:
The Hive Dwellers - Get In

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