Random Events at Dub Narcotic Studio

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Last Thursday Amanda brought the new City Center 45s down to the Dub Narcotic Studio

so they can be inserted in their sleeves.
It’s the new the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate “Zen Kids” [DBN117], which includes a dub version on the B side by Selector Dub Narcotic (that’s me!). Here are the sleeves:

This record will be available November 9, 2010.

We had a visit from Chris Welz and Evan Whikehart from the company who distributes K, SC Distribution of Bloomington, IN. Here they are with K General Manager Mariella Luz

walking to Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.:

Which is not only the closest coffee shop to our office, but also features the talents of one Mich Elvin, coffee barrista extraordinaire, who has a regular weblog about his coffee-making exploits.

A combo called Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana parked outside our door to surprise a state worker nearby, to celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary:

Here is Rufus:

Eli Moore of LAKE saw the whole thing on a break from his mix session at Dub Narcotic Studio:

View a brief interview with him here:

Mark Morrison of LAKE and Heather Hall (of Cairo Pythian, White Boss) stopped by to check out the session:

Friday night Steve and Spencer of Basemint were at Dub Narcotic Studio to mix their new single:

Not a lot got done due to technical difficulties with the half-track tape machine. That’s where Dub Narcotic Studio manager Bob Schwekler comes in:

You can learn more about what he has been up to at this Dub Narcotic Studio site he put together.

And looky here, Parker Brock is serenading us on the Hammond organ:

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