quiet week in K village

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

It’s been relatively quiet in the office so far this week. Sarah’s in Hawaii, Joel is in college (COLLEGE!), Calvin is somewhere to the south… so today it’s just Mariella, Brian, myself, and the occasional Bob, who’s been busy upgrading the studio. Dub Narcotic has been the place to be over the summer with down time hard to come by, but LAKE just finished their record and all is mellow for a moment… good time for maintenance! Bob replaced some tape guides on the 2″ tape machine and it’s running like new.

The peace and silence won’t last long, though, within the office or in the world that (supposedly) exists outside of it. The month is almost October, and Olympia has begun to swell with the annual influx of new and returning Evergreen students. Speaking of which, we’ll have a new intern (maybe two) starting this week, so we have that to look forward to as well.

Also, fall means more shows! Fall means tours! Keep your eyes open for ways to catch your favorite band(s) traversing the Americas and beyond.

Wait! As I’m writing this blog post our first intern has show up. Rad. Lucinda will be working on our recently-reborn K YouTube channel today and then move onto some other intern tasks. Go watch some cool stuff! We promise to have the KTube filled up by sick season so that you can sit in bed, sip a hot toddy, and recover from your future flus with our wonderful and enlightening videos.

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