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Thursday, November 11th, 2010

The Hive Dwellers: Get In!
Last autumn Calvin Johnson (who has been hanging about the K offices for a coon’s age) took a train from Providence, RI, to Burlington, IA; naturally he stopped off in Chicago, IL to check in with Mike, Dan, Josh, Hunter: Mahjongg, who had just begun working in their Mad Scientist Laboratory; things quickly got wacky when Calvin says, “Let’s Play Band!” All sorts of bleeps and bloops issued from the likes of the Mahjongg contingent, as they did their dang good impression of hive dwell. That is the origin of the new offering by the Hive Dwellers, a 12” singles called “Get In” [KLP223] featuring Mike, Dan, Josh and Hunter playing themselves, extremely.
Meanwhile, basement studios on the west coast can’t resist getting in on the act. Paul Dickow runs the Community Library record label by day, remixes by night as Strategy in his Portland, OR. cave of delights. Wires and buttons come alive to the beat of a drum machine never tamed. He remixed the Blow song “The Love That I Crave” on their Poor Aim: Love Songs album [KLP167]. The Strategy remix of “Get In” brings the Hive Dwellers well into the 21st century. Finally.
Shawn Parke, an Olympia-based hip-hop producer who often teams up with fellow Beat-Master Blandow C. Together they take a swing at another Hive Dwellers song from the Chicago sessions, “Sitting Alone at the Movies”, then just for fun he pops it up again on his own.
Naturally this is all available from the K Mail Order Dept. as both a 12” single or digital download. Get in.

Tender Forever designs a New Garment!
In celebration of the new Tender Forever album No Snare [KLP217], Melanie Valera (who is Tender Forever) has designed a new Tender Forever shirt to sell at all of her upcoming shows, which are also available from the K Mail Order Dept.

The Blow! On the Road Again!
This is a big month for the wandering K tribes. The Blow are going to be traveling around the Northeast and parts of Canada, too. Lots of new songs, stories and excitements! The tour dates are on the Shows Page.

The K Singles Zip-Pak: Freaking out the Weird-Outs!
Our latest brainstorm the K Singles Zip-Pak, an on-going series of electronic singles available exclusively by subscription, are now available from the K Mail Order Dept. as individual downloads. That means that instead of downloading the songs on the new Mecca Normal and City Center 45s, you can download them as they were premiered earlier this summer in the K Singles Zip-Pak, with all of the Special Apps (groovy bonus stuffs!) included. In the case of the Mecca Normal single, that means both sides of the 45, “Malachi” and “Blue Sky and Branches”, plus a third song not included on the single that they improvised in the studio, “After the Next”. Bonus songs are not the only Special Apps included in the Mecca Normal K Singles Zip-Pak, there is also two short video pieces. In one Jean Smith documents the recording of “After the Next”; the second shows her introduction to the song “Malachi” at the Greenhouse in Arcata, Ca., in April, 2009. There are also several visual pieces including something from the Inspired Agitators series of posters designed by David Lester concentrating on radical activists from the past 100 years, many of whom are unknown to the general public. The particular piece from the series included here explains the circumstances surrounding the death of Malachi Ritscher, whose story inspired the Mecca Normal song “Malachi”. Discovering Utopia is the painting by Jean Smith used as sleeve art for the 7” 45 rpm record of “Malachi”; Untitled Illustration is another of her paintings incorporated in the back cover design.
The K Singles Zip-Pak featuring City Center, besides including both sides of the “Zen Kids” [DBN117] 45 includes their songs “Kid’s Day” and “Pinball Summer”, plus the Special App bonus video Zen Landscape portraying City Center performing an a capella version of “Zen Kids” in the yard behind the Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Wash.
There are other editions of the K Singles Zip-Pak available from the K Mail Order Dept. by Mirah, Kendl Winter, Electric Sunset and Angelo Spencer et l’Orchidee d’Hawai.
the K Singles Zip-Pak is a musical C.S.A. packed with tons of songs, remixes, live documents and jangle-jingles available nowhere other than the K Mail Order Dept. A one-year subscription to the K Singles Zip-Pak (50 weeks; we take two weeks off in December to re-charge the batteries) is only $35.00.

K Downloadables: Get In with Downloadable K!
If you desire the latest in K digital downloadables, like the new Kendl Winter album Apple Core [KLP224], the K Mail Order Dept. can zap it to your in-box. Your K downloads are less expensive (69 cents a song, $6.99 an album) directly from the source. We accept credit cards, PayPal, personal checks and money orders. When you visit the K Mail Order Dept. you’ll discover our coveted vinyl releases like the new Joey Casio 45 “The Frame” [IPU129], and selected items from our friends and neighbors in the musical world (see below). Each mail order is packaged with care and hand shipped by Joel. Purchase downloads or get music in a physical format (real phonograph records!) months before they are available anywhere else. The K Mail Order Dept., check us out!

Recent Releases from Our Friends and Neighbors!

Morgan and the Organ Donors Arrogant Man 7” EP
A four song EP by Olympia’s latest garage pop sensations.

Cock and Swan Unrecognize LP (Dandelion Gold)
The ghostly, lonely feel of this Bothel, Wash. duo travels down the electronica line and feeds the uncanny. White vinyl; a CD copy is included with each album.

Sass on Three! 1, 2, 3 Sass! CD
Katie of Pine Hill Haints plus Joey and John, accordian over all! Hoppin’ punk anthems with heavy JJ FAD, Salt ‘n’ Peppa influence.

Spidder fanzine #15
The wild adventures of Magnum’s musthache and tales of the Lonesome Ghost Hunter.

Zero Heroes 7” EP (Arkam)
Jamie & Katie of the PINE HILL HAINTS! + 2 “local friends” known as Anna Bomb & Brian Boredom. Heavily influenced by the Ramones, Ronettes, & Chiffons!

No Babies Miskatonic University Fight Song 7” EP (Arkam)
Alabama transplants to Oakland recorded by a fellow from XBXRX, torrid!

Japanther “Divorce” / “Evil Earth” 45 rpm (Arkam)
Japanther tear it up on their newest 45!

Nuts! Magazine This is an Olympia fanzine, an essential cultural guide. Nuts! Printed in over sized format, its content revolves around public expression and communication and yet It’s cheap, disposable and fleeting. Nuts! exists now. Issue #5 features The Spits, Brilliant Colors, St. Dad, Justin Clifford Rhody, and more!

Young Hunting “Into Your Mind” 7” 45rpm
Ilya Malinsky did his time in the Jeremy Jay combo, now he’s doing his own thing, on his own label, and now is his time.

Ô Paon Courses
Genevieve Castree has operated under various monikers (Woelv) and with various players and labels (including K, P.W. Elverum & Sun, Marriage). Now she has released an album of her entrancing songs on her own label. Humans at horse speed.

Lemon Dots “Girl in Motion” 45 (Labor of Love)
It’s like…Lesley Gore with a drum machine clinging to an electric fence.

Matt Wilga “There I Go” 45 (Labor of Love)
Freaky songs by a freaky boy freaking out!

Moools Weather Sketch Modified CD
The Moools fifth album is shrouded in an atmosphere of complicated delight. Cover art by Kyle Field of Little Wings.

Sunset Grillers CS
An unbelievable compilation of all the important sounds of summer, including the Whines, Brilliant Colors, the Beets, Grass Widow, Inca Ore, the Slaves, Lazer Zeplin, tons more!

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