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Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Glory, Glory, it’s the Midnight Opry! We here at K are pleased as punch to be presenting the third full-length album by the Tennessee/Alabama amalgamation Pine Hill Haints, Welcome to the Midnight Opry [KLP236]. It is sixteen songs hewn from their rootsy rural lifestyle, tempered by tornadoes and forged by a desire to tell the stories of their Northern Alabama neighbors. This album plays bluesy then rolls over for some country-fried cranium rockers. It gets you bumpin’. And howlin’. Pine Hill Haints! There is no substitute for seeing them play live in your living room or, like they did last summer at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over in Rochester, Washington, right there in front of the barn. However, there is also no one recording music this honest and beautiful and true to the soul. Welcome to the Midnight Opry is available as a digital download, LP phonograph record, or a compact disc right now from the K Mail Order Dept. A real heart-strengthening album.

photograph by Jason Luther

Karl Blau: Lover without Borders!
Our favorite troubador/producer/Son of the San Juans Karl Blau has converted his KELP Monthly series of CD length releases into a new project he has entitled KLAPS, an acronymn for “KELP Lunacy Advanced Plagiarism Society”. KLAPS will be manifested as twelve high-concept Karl Blau albums over the next year (or so). There is a Kickstarter site dedicated to raising the funds to finance KLAPS. You know Karl Blau as a prolific and innovative songwriter and musician who has traveled the world performing for the past decade. The problem is that not everyone else does. That is why he is seeking financial assistance for the KLAPS project. Go HERE now to donate your inheritance. You only have until the end of September to get behind KLAPS! After that we all turn into pumpkins, rotting on the front porch!

With this in mind, Karl and friends are organizing the Karl Blau’s Round-the-World Song Relay, a global music marathon as the days count down on his kickstarter grant deadline. Since September 1, 2011, he has raised over $5,000 with 100 pledges toward the goal of the $16,000 necessary to complete his KELP project. He must make the balance by September 30th or lose it all.

On September 30th, the final day of Blau’s KLAPS push, a Round-the-World Song Relay will, hopefully, sustain the momentum necessary to reach the make-or-break $16,000 goal. Dozens of Karl’s fans and friends are lined up to perform every hour on the hour from Blau’s vast repertoire. Somebodies, nobodies, and Karl himself will interpret, broadcast, or simply strum and sing. The idea will be realized with a Blau song being played somewhere on the planet every minute, be it in concert in Brooklyn, karaoke in Madrid, or on a radio show in Tokyo.

Some of the songs will be documented and downloadable, while others are streamed live internationally. All of the details can be found at Blau’s website, where people are encouraged to sing a Blau song, pledge a few bucks, or do both. SEPTEMBER 2011 is “Give A Hand For KLAPS” month!

As if he didn’t have enough to do already, Karl Blau is also the lead singer in a new trio, Lovers without Borders. They have just self-released a seven song cassette tape Lovers without Borders, which is available now from the K Mail Order Dept. It does not disappoint. In fact, repeated listens are the order of the day.

AND he appears on a new Ô Paon collaborative 7” EP, Karl & Genevieve.

KLAPS, Ô Paon or Lovers without Borders, there can never be enough Karl Blau music in the world.

Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa in Majestic Color Spread!

The most recent album by Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa was released by K earlier this summer, Suara Naga [KLP226]. It is an explosive piece of Arrington-esque goodness, caustic to a groove. The K Mail Order Dept. has just received a pak from Italy containing the deluxe import version of Suara Naga released there by Interbang Records. This includes all eleven songs produced by Karl Blau at Dub Narcotic Studio on special “glass” colored vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with additional artwork by Arrington. There is also a 32 page 12” x 12” book with additional full color artwork, drawings, paintings and sketches, by Arrington de Dionyso. Only 599 copies were printed of this deluxe edition, and our small box are the only copies available in the U.S.A. All fans of Arrington’s visual and audio work will require this deluxe Italian import edition of Suara Naga.
As for Arrington de Dionyso himself, he is hardly resting on his laurels. Last week he launched the adventure of a lifetime, setting a course for Indonesia where he is forming and rehearsing a version of Malaikat dan Singa to tour that island country for the next several weeks. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Malaikat dan Singa saga, it gonna be wild.

K Downloadables: Music, all Over the Place!
Please note the K Mail Order Dept. is a very special corner of the world-wide web (“Internet”) that contains massive quantities of K music for download, known around these parts as “Downloadables”. Songs, singles, entire albums: all are available instantly from the K Mail Order Dept., whether it be the new Bobby Birdman “Don’t Walk Away” [DBN124] Dub Narcotic Disco Plate or a delectable back-catalogue item like the debut Mirah LP You Think It’s Like This but Really It’s Like This [KLP112], all of the musical downloadables you could ever desire are here! Now! For so much less money than all those other sites!
Besides such Digital Downloadables you’ll still find the latest in hardcopy pressings of K albums (Tara Jane O’Neil met Nikaido Kazumi’s self-titled debut album [KLP234] and The Hive Dwellers “Get In” [KLP223] 12” single, for example) can be ordered, delivered to your house by the United States Postal Service! Sweetness. There are scads of new phonograph records, cassette tapes, compact discs, fanzines and garments by pals of ours from around the world (see a list of the latest additions below). We’re the K Mail Order Dept., check us out!

Recent Releases from Our Friends and Neighbors!

LAKE Giving and Receiving & Demos CS
LAKE made a special run of their most recent K album Giving & Receiving [KLP228] on cassette. It includes mass bonus tracks, the original demo recordings of the songs that were the basis of the album.

Bash Bros. “Party Hat” 7” EP (Frydty Noiseagonymayhem Records)
This is the fierce and life-positive Ep by Nanaimo super-punk duo Bash Bros. This is your soundtrack for the next six months.

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