new season

Friday, March 26th, 2010

The last time someone posted on the K office blog, it was wintertime! That was like ten days ago or something, but it is now SPRING. This means that we’re inching closer to SWIMMING/BARBECUE season, which brings us wonderous events such as What the Heck Fest and Helsing Junction Festival. Yeah! These are all awesome things.

Anyway, we are pleased to soon (maybe) bring you two fine new authors on the K Office Blog, Mssrs. Formo and Parke of the K Office “Bro Cave.” They will be updating you on the newest developments in the worlds of college basketball, the GZA, and how much viruses on Windows XP machines suck. Book it!

One response to “new season”

  1. FORMO says:

    >Hey, it's Raekwon in here right now! GZA on a guest track.

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