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Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

There are two new K 45s available now from the K Mail Order Dept., one in each of our two feature series of 7” 45 rpm phonograph records, the International Pop Underground and Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series. Of course, the songs are also available as K Downloadables.

Mecca Normal “Malachi” / “Blue Sky and Branches” [IPU132] 45
The Vancouver, B.C. duo of Jean Smith and David Lester, Mecca Normal have released five albums and several singles on K. Last spring they visited Olympia to play at Northern and to hang the The Black Dot Museum of Political Art exhibition. They also found time to stop by the Dub Narcotic Studio and record the songs on this new 45, Volume CXXXII in our International Pop Underground series, “Malachi” and “Blue Sky and Branches” [PU132]. A very moving piece of work.

City Center “Zen Kids” / “Version” [DBN117] 45
This band is a collaboration between two members of the Michigan band Saturday Looks Good to Me, Fred Thomas and Ryan Howard. This is a song they recorded at the Dub Narcotic Studio, with a remix on the flip by Selector Dub Narcotic. “Zen Kids” furthers City Center’s aim to unravel their ever expanding landscape of warmly washed-out psychedelia.

The K Singles Zip-Pak: Freaking out the Squares in Double-Time!
Our latest brainstorm the K Singles Zip-Pak, an on-going series of electronic singles available exclusively by subscription, are now available from the K Mail Order Dept.. as individual downloads. That means that instead of downloading the songs on the new Mecca Normal and 45s described above, you can download them as they were premiered earlier this summer in the K Singles Zip-Pak, with all of the Special Apps (groovy bonus stuffs!) included. In the case of the Mecca Normal single, that means both sides of the 45, “Malachi” and “Blue Sky and Branches”, plus a third song not included on the single that they improvised in the studio, “After the Next”. Bonus songs are not the only Special Apps included in the Mecca Normal K Singles Zip-Pak, there is also two short video pieces. In one Jean Smith documents the recording of “After the Next”; the second shows her introduction to the song “Malachi” at the Greenhouse in Arcata, Ca., in April, 2009. There are also several visual pieces including something from the Inspired Agitators series of posters designed by David Lester concentrating on radical activists from the past 100 years, many of whom are unknown to the general public. The particular piece from the series included here explains the circumstances surrounding the death of Malachi Ritscher, whose story inspired the Mecca Normal song “Malachi”. Discovering Utopia is the painting by Jean Smith used as sleeve art for the 7” 45 rpm record of “Malachi”; Untitled Illustration is another of her paintings incorporated in the back cover design.
The K Singles Zip-Pak featuring City Center, besides including both sides of the “Zen Kids” [DBN117] 45 includes their songs “Kid’s Day” and “Pinball Summer”, plus the Special App bonus video Zen Landscape portraying City Center performing an a capella version of “Zen Kids” in the yard behind the Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Wash.
There are other editions of the K Singles Zip-Pak available from the K Mail Order Dept. by Mirah, Kendl Winter, Electric Sunset and Angelo Spencer et l’Orchidee d’Hawai.
the K Singles Zip-Pak is a musical C.S.A. packed with tons of songs, remixes, live documents and jangle-jingles available nowhere other than the K Mail Order Dept.. A one-year subscription to the K Singles Zip-Pak (50 weeks; we take two weeks off in December to re-charge the batteries) is only $35.00.

Downloadables! That’s the K Mail Order Dept.!
If you desire the latest in K digital K Downloadables, like the new Kendl Winter album Apple Core [KLP224], the K Mail Order Dept. can zap it to your in-box. Your K downloads are less expensive (69 cents a song, $6.99 an album) directly from the source. We accept credit cards, PayPal, personal checks and money orders. When you visit the K Mail Order Dept. you’ll discover our coveted vinyl releases like the new Joey Casio 45 The Frame” [IPU129], and selected items from our friends and neighbors in the musical world (see below). Each mail order is packaged with care and hand shipped by Joel. Purchase downloads or get music in a physical format (real phonograph records!) months before they are available anywhere else. the K Mail Order Dept., check us out!

Recent Releases from Our Friends and Neighbors!

Eli Moore “Underground Houses” 45 (People in a Position to Know)
This is a one-sided single from Eli Moore of LAKE. A sweet, electro-pop tune from his upcoming album on Bicycle Records. In hand-set letterpressed sleeve. Limited edition of 100.

Pine Hill Haints The Ditch Is Better than the Road 7” EP (San Pedro)
Recorded in the Cali Mucho studio in San Pedro, CA in Febuary of 2010, The Pine Hill Haints offer four more sincerely haunting tunes that once again display the amazing muscianship that they’ve become known for.

Hornet LegStill Life LP
8 tracks of soul-inspired garage rock from one of the northwest’s finest 3-pieces and the mind of Chris Sutton (Dub Narcotic Sound System, C.O.C.O., Gossip, etc.). Ever imagine a sophisticated Gories with an air-tight rhythm section? They did. Includes a hand-screened 24″ x 36″ poster. +MP3 download!

In Every Town, an all-ages Music Manifesto book (AMP)
It’s in your hands.You have the power to create space for music and youth in your community. This book is your toolkit, your road map; your survival guide. Collecting the knowledge and insights of organizers & activists from successful projects big and small, from inner cities to small towns, hiphop to indie rock, youth centers to radical DIY collectives, it’s everything you need to get started. Part history and part how-to, In Every Town uses a group of amazing organizations to highlight some of the most important factors in starting all-ages spaces and youth music organizations, from finding the right space, to building community relationships, to grassroots promotion & marketing. Accompanying the book is a free downloadable soundtrack providing a window into homegrown music communities nationwide.

Kendl Kite CD (Na-Na-Na-Na-Boo-Boo Records)
One of her pre-Apple Core [KLP224] releases. Personal, intimate, wandering guitar, brushed drums, bass and cello- it’s hard not to be captivated by its swoon.

Kendl A Walk in the Shadows CD (Na-Na-Na-Na-Boo-Boo Records)
A girl and a banjo, plus other surprises.

Kendl Still Life CD (Na-Na-Na-Na-Boo-Boo Records)
Well-written banjo/guitar Kendl Winter folk songs, occasional fiddle, slide guitar, mandolin, and washtub bass; big, fold-out booklet of drawings.

The Blackberry Bushes Little Bit of Grace CD
Olympia’s long-running Blackberry Bushes are unstoppable. Their newest effort is 14 songs of original bluegrass- tight, fun, heartfelt, well-written. A local favorite for years, their attention nationally has started to grow of late after being the 2nd place winners of the last year’s Telluride Bluegrass Band Competition. Featuring Kendl Winter on banjo.

Southern Skies Doe Bay Sessions CD
4-track recordings from Olympia’s travel song troubadors, Southern Skies. Comprised of two member of the Blackberry Bushes (Joe Capoccia and Kendl Winter) break down their sound for this one, guitar and banjo, harmonies. Simplicity allows them to show off their songwriting and plucking/strumming skills, which just keeps getting better with every new release. A great introduction to the music of these two prolific songwriters.

The Pasties Shot Down the Sky CD
Another band of which the multi-talented Kendl Winter is a member, the Pasties play indie-dance-folk punk from Olympia, Washington. An orchestral army that plays from acoustic alleyways to electrified stages.

Broken Water Whet CD (Radio Is Down)
An Olympia three-piece – consisting of 2 parts Sisters to one part Congratulations – deliver a methodical noise clinic that’s as abrasive as it is beautiful. Dig Dave Harvey’s saxophone guest star on “Spore”.

The Miracles Club “Light of Love” 12” single (white label)
A glorious, swirling, piano driven psych-house anthem from Portland’s Miracles Club, a new band featuring Honey Owens of Valet.

We Like Cats Proper Eats LP (Marriage Records)
The album by the Portland super-group of psychedilic dub: Honey Owens, Adam Forkner (White Rainbow) and Eva Saelens.

Hoquets “Couque de Dinant” 45 (Montamare)
Former Olympian McCloud Zicmuse Has fled to Europe and created some pop-like substance that has been capture on vinyl for all to hear.

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