Make Up has cool album covers….

Friday, February 18th, 2011


Greetings K fans!
So one of the fringe benefits that comes with being an intern here at K Records is getting to take home free music from the K catalogue. For some of you fans out there it would be akin to being a kid in a candy store. I am a music lover and a musician but, I must admit, I was not as familiar with all the artists and music released by the label (cue gasp). So for me, it is like being in a candy store in a foreign country….I don’t know what any of the candy is, I can’t read the language on the labels, the colors may or may not give me an inkling to the flavor but, I think I’ll try the one with the coolest looking wrapper. This is how I came to my decision to take home Make Up’s 3 K releases and see if the music is as cool as the art.
When Make Up’s album covers caught my attention, I wondered what this band sounded like, was it some kind of R&B band with funky grooves? Or perhaps some raw rock-n-roll electric garage rock? Or maybe I am completely wrong and its some in your face punk rock that punches you in the head? I was curious to find out!
When I got home I ripped their CD’s into my laptop and sat back to listen…and I was not surprised, nor disappointed, that Make Up contains all the elements I imagined and more. I could hear that R&B/funk band in the groove, The Make Up is good for dancing. There were elements that reminded me of bands like The Zombies and The Association with the guitar styling and rhythms. The vocals are emotional and contain a different type of soulfulness in their delivery. In fact, I imagined their lead singer, whom I realized after I listened is Ian Svenonius of Chain & The Gang, as a figure similar to Jim Morrison of The Doors in a live perofrmance. Don’t get me wrong, Make Up sounds nothing like The Doors but the way Ian screams and croons is very similar. He’s like a funky shaman, singing, chanting, screaming in ecstacy or pain, totally caught up in the music and channeling something in the aether. I wish I could have seen a live performance or two but, there are a couple of live releases, ‘After Dark‘ and ‘Untouchable Sound‘ which were released on another label. Ian is currently on tour with Chain & The Gang and their newest release with K ‘Music’s Not For Everyone’ is available on Feb. 22! Check em out when they perform in your neck of the woods!
-Pete The Intern

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Dearest K,

    thank you for reissuing Save Yourself on vinyl, but please please please please re-press ALL of the Make-Up's K LPs. They're so good, and have been impossible to find for years.


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