Kat’s Album Review – These Are Not Fall Colors by Lync

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Hey, I’m Kat – another intern here at K right now. I’m going to be writing up a brief background and review on some old K records every Friday so check back! Last week Joel recommended an album by Lync to me, saying I’d like it if I “like punk rock” which I definitely do. I spun These Are Not Fall Colors (KLP030!) all week with my friends and absolutely loved it.

Lync is a post-hardcore band from Olympia that formed in ’92 but broke up by ’94. Sam Jayne, James Bertram, and Dave Schneider created a group that sounds like something similar to the middle ground between Minor Threat and Fugazi, even down to similarities between the voices of Ian McKaye and Jayne. They play fast and hardcore but leave room for breaks filled with emotion. Listening to them was eerily similar to the feelings that arose when I listened to hardcore emo bands in seventh grade (in a good way!) but way better due to the chaotic sounds created by their irregular tuning and heavy distortion as well as kick ass raw vocals. My favorite songs on the record are Pennies to Save and Angelfood Fodder and Vitamins which is pretty heavy. The lo-fi aspect of the album is gritty and thrilling and rocks hard.

After disbanding, Jayne went on to make Love as Laughter, another K band worth checking out. Bertram and Schneider joined Built to Spill as part of their tour and continued on with new musical projects. If you have absolutely any history of interest in hardcore or punk music you should listen to this album. It’s easy to listen to and flows well with rad guitar riffs and percussion – check it out!

Peace… and have a good weekend!

4 responses to “Kat’s Album Review – These Are Not Fall Colors by Lync”

  1. Brendan C says:

    >This is one of my favourite records! The moment I first played it, I fell in love. It spans everything that I love in music; intense punk-rock and crazy noise, underpinned with earnest, heartfelt lyrics and sense of immediacy that only comes with lo-fi recordings. Knowing that someone else hears the same things in this record has made my day – Pennies to Save and Angelfood Fodder and Vitamins (along with B) are my favourite tracks! It's the kind of album that makes K such a special label.

  2. Campfire says:

    >Yes! This is a great record by a great band! One of my favorites for a long, long time, but just one of many great bands from the mid-nineties in Olympia. I dig your history project! Thanks!

    You should check out some of James Bertram's later projects like Red Stars Theory (which has some K releases) and his own label, which I think is called Lucky Industries.

    It's not Lync, but you know, things change.

  3. blankpanel says:

    >"These Are Not Fall Colors" is desert island listening for me.

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