K News: Kendl, Mittens and Maxines!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

K Mittens (and Scarves, too)!
The big news around the K mail Order Dept. this month is the arrival of K mittens, an annual tradition that usually transpires around March (or even April), but this year the mittens (and scarves) are being hand sewn for us by well-known Olympian crafty China Starr, who gets the job done, and now! Pictured above is K Promotions Director Danielle Ruse wearing said mittens: black with yellow shield around the K. The Scarves are of a similar color scheme.

Kendl Winter Takes Flight!
The brightest news of 2012 is the imminent release of the latest Kendl Winter album, The Mechanics of Hovering Flight [KLP238]. Your long wait is rewarded by the charming and individual folk/pop/blues that emanates from Kendl and her assorted chums, captured at Dub Narcotic Studio last summer by Calvin Johnson. Thirteen songs in all, every one a story told richly, organically. A delight.

The world won’t receive this pak of Kendl goodness until the end of January, but the K Mail Order Dept. is offering it to you, fair reader, immediately, as either a LP, CD or Digital Download. The birds have it.

The Maxines: Pop and Fuzz!
If only every garage rock fuzz pop combo could dole out the fiercest party favors with verve, style and seahorses like the Maxines. Check out their new volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7″ 45 rpm phonograph records, the Drugstore four song EP [IPU140]. It’s like they were born with rock’n’roll lighter fluid rushing through their veins. Even if they smear their mascara, you won’t notice, ’cause you’re busy doing the surfer stomp. They make it all appear as easy as peeling a banana so you’re definitely going to want to “Hang Around”. Hooray for Havana, indeed.

Beat Happening: Black Candy, Give Me Some!
One of the benefits of our annual inventory party is the discovery of lost treasures. This year Production Manager Sarah Cass unearthed a box of the Beat Happening Black Candy [KLP006] album on the LP format, which has not been repressed for several years. The K Mail Order Dept. is offering them to you, gentle reader, while the ver limited supply lasts.

Chris Sutton: Hooded Hags!
Our Chris Sutton has been almost a fixture at K for over over fifteen years; we say “almost a fixture” because he never stays fixed in one place long enough for that phrase to apply. His assorted combos include Dub Narcotic Sound System, C.O.C.O., Spider & the Webs and Hornet Leg. F’ing A. Now he comes alongĀ  in a new blood-baked rock’n’roll fang machine, sirens screaming: Hooded Hags. The K Mail Order Dept. has the brand-spanking new Hooded Hags Exxon Baby three song 7″ EP on Stank House Records. You may never find it again. This is, unfortunately, ver limited in it’s availability. Not however, in its appeal.

Craig Extine: A Western Hymn!
Olympia, Washington is a rock’n’roll town. That is undeniable. However, even hard-pan rockers have their moments of tender doubt and we discover that when steel meets wool it can make for the most sublime musical adventures. Take this new Craig Extine album, Craig Extine, which he released on his own non-label as both CD or cassette. You know Craig from the Volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7″ 45 rpm phonograph records by Western Hymn, Out of the Way [IPU133]. What you find here is the power, pain, pleasure, punctured poetry of one man, guitar in hand. Flutter and wow.


M’Lady Records on the Move!

Brett Lyman is another fellow who has played an integral role in several K artists, including Chain & the Gang, the Hive Dwellers. He recently moved to Portland, Oregon to concentrate on his own record label, M’Lady. The K Mail Order Dept. has received a cavalcade of recent M’Lady releases, including:

Hysterics 7″ EP (M’Lady)
Four Olympia women who punk the west coast hardcore. A real blister pack.

Yellow Fever Yellow Fever LP (M’Lady)
Austin, TX. pop thoughtful. Yellow Fever recently toured the east coast with Wild Flag.

Tyvek Fast Metabolism LP (M’Lady)
Michigan bred sidewalk rockers who write lyrics that may just be too close to poetry.

Coasting Never Going Back LP (M’Lady)
Debut album from Brooklyn female duo. A crash pop classic.

The Golden Awesome Autumn LP (M’Lady)
A boy / girl combo who ride a wave of slumber pop.

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