K News – May 14, 2010

Saturday, May 15th, 2010


K News May 14, 2010

Tender Forever and the K Singles Zip-Pak!

Tender Forever: Mix it Up!

It is finally here! The new album by Melanie Valera and Tender Forever, No Snare [KLP217]. We’re talking instant dance floor classic, people. In a sad, broken hearted, I will survive way. Exhilaration! Inspiration! Super Fun Fantastic Dance Nation! Melanie is so excited about No Snare that she has organized a remix contest for the song “Only the Sounds You Made”. You can visit this site and retrieve the various beats, rhythms, vocals and high-hat parts, then create your very own dance mix. Melanie Valera will post them on her website for all to hear. Excitement. No Snare is available now from the K Mail Order Dept. as a full-album download, an LP or a CD.

The K Singles Zip-Pak. An Interweb Sensation!

The interweb is abuzz about the new series of underground singles presented by the K Mail Order Dept. called the K Singles Zip-Pak. A year’s subscription means hundreds of new favorite songs arriving effortlessly on your virtual doorstep every week. We pack the K Singles Zip-Pak with 2+ songs from various upcoming K hardcopy releases (the International Pop Underground series of 7” 45 rpm records, the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate singles and the regular album releases) and augment them with exclusive mixes, bonus songs and live documents that will be available nowhere other than the K Mail Order Dept. It’s like a portable pirate radio station, AM-style: no post-rock, no Dad-rock, just endless screaming, crying and carrying on compressed into bite-sized chunks of three minute pop songs. The K Singles Zip-Pak is A serious noisy pop rockin’ overdose. It all begins on July 1st with the new Mirah 12” single, a new dance version of “Gone Are all the Days” [KLP222]. It will include two special remixes by Shawn Parke (Log Hog) and Christopher Doulgeris (Hooliganship) that won’t be on the 12” single released later this summer. The second issue will feature songs from the upcoming Electric Sunset album [Electric Sunset, KLP221], plus a new song “Destroyer” that will not be available on the LP, CD or download versions of the Electric Sunset album.

A one-year subscription to the K Singles Zip-Pak is $50.00; Subscribe before May 31 and receive the special introductory rate of $45.00!

Jeremy Jay’s Latest Splash!

This summer Jeremy Jay will be touring around the U.S.A. to let everyone know about his third album, Splash [KLP218], which is available now from the K Mail Order Dept. as a full-album digital download, an LP or a CD. Splash was recorded last summer while Jeremy was living in London, England, after a six week European tour. It’s a splendid sonic postcard from the road that tells the story of a life picked up by a new, unfamiliar environment; the fresh ambition of a new life. Jeremy Jay is still dreaming, but this time he is looking down from the rooftops rather than up to the sky. Listen to “Dial My Number” and know what Disco-Grunge is all about!

Joey Casio Releases a New Single!

“The Frame” [IPU129] is the third single by Joey Casio, his second in the International Pop Underground  series (following 2009’s “Debtor’s Prism” [IPU125]). Casio continues to create something wholly new for this unsteady era. The longtime Olympian and current Portland resident reassembles the wired connections of white-hot punk energy and post-disco electronic dance music. “The Frame” finds Casio sharpening his edges rather than just running in place: you’ll hear the calculated combination of dance and punk forms fused within a neon-lit matrix of percussion, including electronic strings, claps and bells and Casio’s laconic delivery; a box inside a box. The b-side, “Rituals,” is a tar pit of sound, pure disenfranchisement, remaining danceable while flirting with chaos. Available now from the K Mail Order Dept. as both a 7” 45 rpm record or digital download!

K Wallets Are Back!
K Maximo Wallet! It’s vegan, colorful and utilitarian! People are always complimenting me on mine…get it now from the K Mail Order Dept.!

K Is on Facebook!
If you have a Facebook profile, get fan-connected to the K profile. We are excited to be joined with you, computerly. There is also a K Twitter feed, not unlike the ticker-tape feed of yore. Get hip.

Downloadables! From K!
If you desire the latest in K digital downloadables, like the new Angelo Spencer et les Haut Sommets album [KLP216], the K Mail Order Dept.can zap it to you all futuristically via the World Wide Web of computers. Get it from K and you will discover that downloads are less expensive (69 cents a song, $6.99 an album) here, and delivered with electronic love. We accept credit cards, PayPal, personal checks and money orders. When you visit the K Mail Order Dept.you will also discover our coveted vinyl releases, and selected items from our friends and neighbors in the musical world. Each mail order packaged with care and hand shipped by Joel. Purchase the downloads or get it in a physical format, often months before it is available anywhere else. The K Mail Order Dept., check us out!


Recent Releases from Our Friends and Neighbors!

Sewn Leather I Live Like This Cuz I Like It LP (Yours Records)
Noisy Punk/Hip-Hop/Death-Disco. This LP is emotionally heavy, cosmic, and rhythmic. Samplers, synth, soul, musical abandon = REALNESS!

Glow Tips 42MINUTES CS

This sticky and maladjusted Olympia quintet began in November 2009 following a bus accident and simultaneous facial hair growth. It features players from Christmas, Christopher Francis & Son, Herr Jazz and Hermit Thrushes. But Glow Tips sounds like none of those combined. It has been called “frightening.” It has been said to contain “bad vibes.” All we really know is that everyone in Olympia has a blaster on their shoulder with this cassette on constant “repeat”.

Christopher Francis & Son
Cassette CS

A new release from Olympia’s most powerful art/damage glamour power trio.

Kendl Winter Apple Core CD

Kendl is Arkansas born and Olympia based. She’s part of the Blackberry Bushes Stringband, The Pasties, and Southern Skies. Her 4th solo album, Apple Core, is full of banjo heart fluttering, dobro moans, guitar and gentle harmonies over apple-sweet love songs. It’s country twang with an Oly twist. The artwork on the album is hand printed and numbered because it is a limited edition of 250 copies! This is the first edition of this album, the 2nd edition will be released on K in October 2010.

No Babies Miskatonic Univercity Fight Song 45 EP

They hail from Alabama but live in Oakland. You can take the boy out of Ala, but you can’t take the Ala out of the boy.

L’Orchidee d’Hawai Lights of Speed CD

A new album, frantic sounds, crazy rhythms, boisterous chorus accompanied by finely played pop rockin’. Essential. And French.

Victory Hall The Dull Commando’s Merchandise LP (Total Heaven)

An album from France of classic Flying Nun-style pop – never a bad thing.

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