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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Mecca Normal on the Go!
Following the release of their International Pop Underground 7” 45 rpm phonograph record ”Malachi” / “Blue Sky and Branches” [IPU132], Mecca Normal are hardly resting on their laurels. They are on the go! David Lester’s poster featuring Howard Zinn from his Inspired Agitators series was chosen as “Poster of the Week” by the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. In May Mecca Normal will tour around the east coast of the United States in celebration of David Lester’s new graphic novel The Listener (Arbeiter Ring Publishing) which will be available at that time. Keep it coming, Mecca gang!
A reminder: the “Malachi” 45 [IPU132] and many other Mecca Normal releases are available for download at the K Mail Order Dept.

Arrington, Kendl, Mahjongg: They Be Touring!
We are dead into autumn, and K artists are traversing the globe spreading their merry self-expression. Arrington de Dionyso just returned from playing shows along the West Coast of the United States, laying the groundwork for his upcoming Suara Naga [KLP226] album. Kendl Winter is playing all over the place as a member of Blackberry Bushes and playing a few solo shows, too. Mahjongg will be landing in England this week and then continuing on through Europe. Weird-Outs on the move! Find out more at our SHOWS page.

The K Singles Zip-Pak: Subscribe it up!
Did you know that the K Singles Zip-Pak is our on-going series of electronic singles, delectable K downloadables available exclusively by subscription? It has been going strong now for over six months, with no end in sight! This week will feature LAKE from their upcoming volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7″ phonograph records. The Special Apps will be songs solo by each individual member: Lindsay, Andrew, Ashley, Mark and Eli. I heard Mark‘s contribution by his band Skrill Meadow, “Superdeep”, and it’s some hott heavy love dosing.
A one-year subscription to the K Singles Zip-Pak (50 weeks; we take two weeks off in December to re-charge the batteries) is only $35.00. Get in!

K Downloadables! That’s the K Mail Order Dept.!
If you desire the latest in K Digital Downloadables (and who doesn’t?), like the new the Hive Dwellers 12” single ”Get In” [KLP223], or the City Center Dub Narcotic Disco Plate ”Zen Kids” [DBN117], the K Mail Order Dept. can zap it to your in-box. Your K downloads are less expensive (69 cents a song, $6.99 an album) directly from the source. We accept credit cards, PayPal, personal checks and money orders. When you visit the K Mail Order Dept. you’ll also discover our coveted vinyl releases like the new Kendl Winter album Apple Core [KLP224], and selected items from our friends and neighbors in the musical world (see below). Each mail order is packaged with care and hand shipped by Joel. You can either purchase downloads or get music in a physical format (real phonograph records!) months before they are available anywhere else. The K Mail Order Dept.! Worth a visit.

Recent Releases from Our Friends and Neighbors!

Christmas “Pies” / “El Colorado” 45 (High Fives and Handshakes!)
The second 45 by expressive Olympia combo Christmas. Produced with Arrington de Dionyso.

Mt. Royal “Fresh” / “We Was a Beast” 45 (Fan Club Music)
Victoria music scene busting out all over!

Freak Heat Waves “Mission Bay” / “Brett Nelson” 45 (Fan Club Music)
The latest tip-of-the-long-island sensation from Victoria, B.C.

Sans AIDS / Lake Country split CS (Fan Club Music)
Two bands from Victoria, B.C. creating psychic sounds.

My Friend Wallis Blanck CS (Fan Club Music)
Western Canada has pop! It’s glorious!

Eli Moore “Underground Houses” 45 (People in a Position to Know)
This is a one-sided single from Eli Moore of LAKE. A sweet, electro-pop tune from his upcoming album on Bicycle Records. In hand-set letterpressed sleeve. Limited edition of 100.

Pine Hill Haints The Ditch Is Better than the Road 7” EP (San Pedro)
Recorded in the Cali Mucho studio in San Pedro, CA in Febuary of 2010, The Pine Hill Haints offer four more sincerely haunting tunes that once again display the amazing muscianship that they’ve become known for.

Hornet Leg Still Life LP
8 tracks of soul-inspired garage rock from one of the northwest’s finest 3-pieces and the mind of Chris Sutton (Dub Narcotic Sound System, C.O.C.O., Gossip, etc.). Ever imagine a sophisticated Gories with an air-tight rhythm section? Hornet Leg did. Includes a hand-screened 24″ x 36″ poster. +MP3 download!

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