Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I’ve been listening to Wandering Lucy‘s Leap Year this week. KLP053 from way back in 1996. Things have changed a lot since then! Singer/songwriter Lindi Coyne is supported by a Fred Armisen on drums, Brian Sparhawk on bass, and guest vocalist Jen Smith. Most of the songs were recorded by Calvin at Dub Narcotic Studio, with a few of Lindi’s four-track home recordings thrown in.

There’s lots to like about this record. Jangley guitars, tight drums, closely contained fuzz, and Lindi’s dreamy multi-faceted voice floating along. The songs sound sweetly unambitious, tip-toeing the line between aimless and perfectly focused. Between Bury The Hammer and Love And Hate. Some parts of the album seem like they could have been misinterpreted from a Nirvana notebook. It fits in well with its K contemporaries, and is worth some attention on its own merits. This was unfortunately the only full release from Wandering Lucy, but it gets better every time I spin it!

  • Mike Mitchell

    >any chance there's a stream of the album anywhere? sounds like it could be of interest to me…

  • timothy radar

    >I have a test pressing for this that I rescued from Hickey's Gultch years ago.

  • Tae Won Yu

    >Love this record, and a great cover design too.

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