It’s so underground it’s underground! (Angelo Spencer/Kendl Winter @ Alamingo House 2/11)

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Greetings K fans!

Out here in Olympia the folks put on a lot of house shows and they have been doing it for so long it’s pretty much tradition. It’s a great opportunity to watch some of one’s favorite artists and performers showcase their talent in a more intimate setting. I had that opportunity earlier tonight when I went to see Kendl Winter and Angelo Spencer play at the “Alamingo House”, ie: in someone’s basement, on the Eastside of town. David was the name of one of the hosts so, thank you David!
Tonight’s bill also featured Bicycle Records artists Eleanor Murray (whose bassist lives in the house so, thanks to him also!) and Joe Capoccia, who will be on tour with Kendl Winter and possibly playing in a basement near you somewhere so, check her K artist page for tour dates!
The show was small, it was intimate, there were some technical difficulties, and did I mention it was small? But despite all of that, or perhaps because of all that, it was great fun! Angelo played a lively set and is having fun with the auto-tune. This was my first time seeing him play live and I am also not so familiar with much of his work but, I was impressed and I wanted to see more! Unfortunately, some of the equipment was being un-cooperative and I don’t think we got the full experience. : ( But you can get Angelo’s latest K release, “Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets” in the K online store right now!
I have seen Kendl play around Oly in bands like The Blackberry Bushes and The Pasties…On a side note, I bought a Pasties album, ‘Shot Down The Sky‘, at the show and I am looking forward to listening! BUT, I digress. Her set tonight was rockin! She played one song on her banjo and opted for a guitar the rest of the night. With a full band supporting her, Kendl takes that sweet southern style she was born with and the Northwest flavor she has acquired and combines it into music thats good for the soul. I am looking forward to more from her in the future and you should check out her album, “Apple Core” in the K online store.
Oh, and here are some more of the pics I took from tonight. The lighting was crappy so, I did the best I could with what I had. I also have some video as well but the audio isnt too great either but, if enough of you really want to see it, I suppose I could post it. At some point I will learn how to post the text and the pictures together so its more aesthetically pleasing but until then….DEAL! Enjoy : )

-Pete the intern

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