Intern Album Review – Microphones, Song Islands

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Hi, I’m Callie Jan, I work at K as an intern. They recently asked us (the interns) to listen to and review an album of our choice every week, so I listened to the Microphones‘ album Song Islands today.

I keep hearing enigmatic snippets here and there about the music from Microphones, now known as Mount Eerie, and if you haven’t heard these rumors of greatness yourself I’m hear to whisper them to you now. Song Islands was one of Phil Elverum’s releases on K. It’s a mixed presentation, it’s raw and polished at the same time and it seems like a focused effort at displaying a smooth, melancholy sound with dark, gritty, lo-fi emotionality to back it up. Crisp sounds over a murky background. All of the lyrics, the crooning, felt so personal I ended up in a contemplative, relaxed mood when I was listening to it. Kind of like sitting down for a good talk with a good friend. It’s content seems very intentional, like he really wants you to know what he’s saying and that makes it an album you’ll want to sit around and listen to, not just put on as background music.

If you want to read more about Microphones, check out the artist page on the K website.

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