If you’re in Olympia, New York City, Seattle, Denver, or on the internet …

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

… this post has something for everyone. And it is all free. No strings. No hassles.

For the people in New York City currently attending the annual CMJ conference: we would recommend that you check out Team Clermont‘s free party at Barcade(388 Union Ave, Brooklyn) tomorrow, Saturday October 23rd. From 2-6pm they will be offering free drinks and goodies will be given away. Team Clermont services all of our K releases to radio stations (Shil K. Patel not only shares the letter K shielded by his proper name, but he is very fun to hang out with. Say hello for us, and tell him to look up Patrick Scott-Walsh from Christmas who will be moving to Athens, Georgia on Sunday!), and for those who are interested in the music industry “important players” will be there.

For folks in Olympia, WA there are two exciting FREE events in this post. First, is the final show for the aforementioned Christmas while Pat moves. They are planning some shows around SXSW but this will be the last chance to catch them for a long time. They are playing with Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa who triumphantly returned this week to the Pacific Northwest and molded minds with their future slither. That show will be at Chez Puget (1139 Puget St NE) Saturday night October 23rd. The second free Olympia event is the record release of Kendl Winter‘s album Apple Core. Come celebrate on Thursday October 27 with a show at Northern (downtown Olympia, 321 4th Ave)! Gentle friends and fellow Olympians Twig Palace, Margy Pepper, and Erica Freas will play as well. First time you can hear Kendl’s voice and banjo on vinyl. The way it should be.

The final free thing for everyone: every week day we here at K will be posting free streaming songs of future releases on our tumblr account. This past week we played new tracks by Chain & The Gang, The Hive Dwellers, Generifus, Christmas and Western Hymn. Be sure to check back often: http://krecs.tumblr.com/ .

Other Free news: Monday our intern Jake (also in Christmas ! Things are so connected here) will post this week’s trivia question for a new 7″ by Mecca Normal.

On the not Free front: People in Seattle should come out and see Glasgow’s finest: The Vaselines. Calvin and I will be at Neumo’s tonight groovin’. Come say hello. Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are. If you happen to be in or know Denver, Colorado and can recommend things for me to do there over the next week, I’d love an email promo@krecs.com — favorite places to hang, eat, whathaveyou. A real social tool, this blog.

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