history lesson

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Long before he was the beloved Saturday Night Live cast member that he is now, Fred Armisen was a musician in Olympia, Washington’s Independent Rock scene !!

Here he serves as Drummer for Wandering Lucy, on the record Leap Year. Wandering Lucy is the musical-vehicle for singer/songwriter Lindiwe Coyne. The sound is not that dissimilar from some of the other Olympia/K artists like Mirah & The Softies. “Riot Girl” movement co-architect Jen Smith (Rastro!, Quails) contributes vocals on a track, and Brian Sparhawk (Fitz Of Depression, Two Ton Boa) plays bass throughout.

- Jake Jones

  • Elisa

    >Whoa cool! On a related note, did you know that Maya Rudolph used to sing with The Rentals? I think she used to tour with them, and she's on their second album.

  • K Intern

    >I have never heard that before! Pop music seems to be the cosmic trampoline.

  • FRED

    >Fred Armisen also drummed for a short stint for NYC indie-folkers Ida!! He always came into different record stores I worked in when I lived in Brooklyn, and every single thing he did was funny!!! I'm not being sarcastic or making a joke. He would say hi or kind of point at a new record and somehow find a very very funny way to do every mundane thing. At least in all three or four of my interactions with him. FUNNY DRUMMER!!!

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