Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Last night Brett Lyman (M’Lady Records, Chain & the Gang) was spinning at the DJ Beyonda‘s monthly I’ve Got a Hole in My Soul dance party in Portland, Ore. I traveled south and met Brett for dinner and assorted P.o.B. (Pals of Brett) at Thai Cafe. Included amongst the assortment was Chris Sutton (Hornet Leg!) who was in town ever so briefly, but (freak out!) had to make the soul dance scene, especially if Brett was coming all the way from Mich. with a box of delectable soul goodness. Coincidentally also dining at Thai Cafe was Warren and Mary of Luster House! Chris had just been speaking of Warren, recounting the experience of being Barbara Lynn’s back-up band at Ladyfest, along with the lovely Olivia Ness (C.O.C.O.).
The star sighting did not end there. As we left Thai Cafe we bumped into Bob, drummer for Hornet Leg, who was playing next door in one of his many other bands, this with another former Olympian (and sometimes Hornet Leg percussionist) Sydney. Far out.
We got down to Rotture and DJ Beyonda already had the floor bumping to the soul shout shenanigans that she splays second Thursday of every month. I boogalooed across the floor, sighted E*Rock (Audio Dregs) shimmying with Kathy Foster (All Girl Summer Fun Band), and just had to cut in. She didn’t mind, Kathy knows everyone wants to dance with E*Rock, his moves make any partner sparkle under the disco ball! The freakness did not stop till 2:30 AM. Good spinning, Brett!

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