Freedom Isn’t Free.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Here in Washington State we vote by mail (except Pierce County, which still maintains polling sites). Although the election is not until November 2, ballots are arriving this week! Excitement mounts. We have several State Measures on the ballot. Most of them will be a pleasure to defeat with a hearty “NO” vote. However, Initiative Measure 1098 is very worthy of our support. It establishes a state income tax, something we desperately need here in Washington State to help fund basic health and education. These are essential services, but how can we afford them in today’s economy? By taxing those who can afford to pay, Rich People! The most exciting thing about 1098 is that no one pays any taxes on their first $200,000.00 earned ($400,000.00 for joint-filers), which means that most of us will not pay any taxes, just rich folk (Washington ranks 50th of 50 states in tax fairness; middle class families pay four times the tax rate of the rich).
Initiative 1098 cuts taxes: it eliminates Business & Occupation taxes for 81% of small business (including K) and property taxes would be reduced by $357 million.
Clearly, some citizens are showing initiative to solve this state’s chronic economic problems. Since Bill Gates, Sr. and others of extreme wealth came up with the idea of income-tax-for-the-rich as proposed by Initiative 1098, any whiner millionaires look pretty sheepish claiming they can no afford this common sense approach to our budgetary woes.
Please vote YES on Initiative Measure 1098.

As to the many less desirable ideas being proposed this election season, let’s start with Initiative Measure 1100 and Initiative Measure 1105, both of which would close state liquor stores and allow the sale of hard alcohol by private parties. Whether or not it is time to repeal the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s monopoly on liquor is another matter; but when that time comes it should come from the people or their elected representatives in the legislature, not in the form of measures written by the industry that is being regulated. Both of these ballot measures are proposed by the corporations who will directly benefit from the privatization of liquor, and are designed for their benefit, not that of the general public. The financial backing for the pro- 1100 and 1105 campaigns come from out-of-state corporations. Let’s not be pushed into rash privatization and de-regulation by our Corporate Overseers on their terms. Common sense points to the obvious choice:
Please vote NO on Initiative Measure 1100.
Please vote NO on Initiative Measure 1105.

Another bundle of Corporate Welfare disguised as a “Citizen’s Initiative” is Initiative Measure 1082, which proposes to eliminate worker-paid medical-benefit premiums (Workers’ Compensation). Under this plan, industrial insurance would be privatized to the big insurance giants who have already destroyed our health care system. Initiative 1082 allows private insurers to set their own rates with no oversight, something not allowed in any other line of insurance – not car, home, life or health. It also exempts workers’ compensation insurers from the voter-approved Insurance Fair Conduct Act, meaning workers’ compensation insurers can wrongfully and intentionally delay and deny legitimate claims for years and there’s virtually no way to hold them accountable. This is not a “Citizen’s Initiative”, it’s another campaign by our Corporate Overseers in their class war against us the people. Once again you can see by who is funding the pro-1082 campaign who it really benefits: out-of-state mega-corporations, not a group of concerned citizens, are spending millions to pass this measure, which was written by them for their own greedy ends.
Please vote NO on Initiative Measure 1082.

Initiative Measure 1107 would end sales tax on candy; end temporary sales tax on some bottled water; end temporary excise taxes on carbonated beverages; and reduce tax rates for certain food processors. These are all taxes passed by the legislature to help cover the revenue shortfall due to the economy. They are all taxes on non-essential items that are raising $300 million dollars to fund schools, children’s health and other basic services. Once again out-of-state corporate interests have written themselves another ticket to ride on our backs. The American Beverage Association is spending millions to pass Initiative 1107, at the expense of our children’s health.
Please vote NO on Initiative Measure 1107.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for voting!

And thanks to Nikki McClure for the Vote! imagery!

2 responses to “Freedom Isn’t Free.”

  1. Mark says:

    >I turned 18 this month, and while I already felt the same way as you do about most of these initiatives it was nice to learn about the ones I didn't. =)

  2. puck says:

    >i just voted today, and could have written this post. thanks for putting it out there.

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