Folks! About that Guitar…

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Thee Headcoats outside the Reko Muse Gallery, Olympia, Wash., Summer 1990. Photo by Jon Snyder

The guitar pictured in the previous Weblog entry was used by Arrington de Dionyso on his recording of the Captain Beefheart song ”Hot Head” earlier this week at Dub Narcotic Studio, and has been used by many other folks at the Studio. “Anonymous” left a comment that it was once owned by Billy Childish…not true. Billy Childish did sign the guitar though. In 1990 I arranged a show for thee Headcoats, Girl Trouble and Mudhoney at the Chambers Prairie Grange Hall just outside of Olympia. The band stayed at my apartment in the Martin Bldg., and the next day I recorded thee Headcoats for a 7″ 45 in our International Pop Underground series and the 12” EP Cavern by the Sea [KLP009] (both sadly out of print, though the A side of the single, “Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog”, is included on the International Hip Swing [KLP016] compilation) at the Reko Muse Gallery. Billy wrote the lyrics to the song “Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog” on a napkin at the Spar Restaurant during breakfast that morning.

Later that night thee Headcoats, Mudhoney and Beat Happening played a show together at the Motor Sports Garage in Seattle. That’s when I requested Billy sign my Kapa guitar you see pictured here.

And now you know the rest of the story…

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    >I didn't mean to lie! I'm sorry!


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