Eprhyme Six Questions!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

The Six Question saga continues!! This time we were lucky enough to get a hold of Eprhyme in New York! His latest solo album, Lost Tapes and Found Sounds, is a mad awesome hip-hop scrapbook on a cassette flashback.

1. Where are you currently living?

 I live in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Not so nomadic these days. Pretty well planted.


2. This really is the ultimate question, the whole rest of the interview resides on it. Pie or cake?

Definitely Pi. I mean what’s cooler than an irrational and transcendental number that never ends or repeats, but constantly spins out in fractal patterns of perpetual novelty, making it impossible to solve the ancient challenge of squaring the circle?


 3. What shoes are you currently wearing? (Are you particular about your kicks?)

I am currently rocking a pair of generic navy blue high top sneakers. I really like high tops. And I guess you could say I’m pretty particular, in that I pretty much wear one pair of shoes everyday until they fall apart, and then I get another pair. So they have to be real comfortable and fairly fly.


4. Your current favorite record? If you can decide.

Anything by John Zorn, and also Blu’s new album “No York.”


5. What is the last book you finished?

Well I’m gonna take advantage of the ambiguity in this question and approach it from two different angles. First off, I am a content editor and creative collaborator on a series of books on Kabbalah and Jewish spirituality with a Hassidic Rabbi named Dov Ber Pinson. The last book that I finished working on is called “The Garden of Paradox.” It is an introduction to the nondual philosophy that is the foundation of classical Kabbalah. It is in the form of a free-associative conversation between the rabbi and three archetypal students representing the artist, the activist, and the mystic. It was a really fun project to work on! The last book that I finished reading is called “Flip the Script” by Christian P. Acker. It is a field-history and compendium of graffiti/hand-styled alphabets and letter-based aesthetics from across the USA, arranged according to local scene and geography. Super fascinating read for real word nerds, calligraphers, typographers, and counter/pop cultural historians.


6. And this one is from Robert Comitz from Nuclear Aminals: When you were still learning, what made you continue to play music?

I am always learning. I think being in the mind-state of a perpetual student keeps me engaged with the creative process in an exciting and revelatory way. Ultimately, I need to keep myself interested at the very least. Also, when I first started rhyming it was always in cyphers with other MCs and friends of mine. We were just having fun and seeing what we could do with language and rhythm, so it was never a chore. That collaborative/competitive hip hop energy was always pushing me to evolve my styles in a really positive way.


7. My question for the next artist:

 What excites you the most about making music, and what bums you out the most about marketing music?

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