Dark Side of the WTF

Monday, March 15th, 2010

The Big Music News last week concerned bloated rock classicists Pink Floyd suing their major label/corporate overseers. Apparently their Major Label/Corporate Overseers were selling songs from P.F.s high-concept albums as individual digital downloads, rather than selling the albums as a whole. This, in Pink Floyd’s view, was just not right. When the case went to jury trial, the band was declared the winners, a victory for artistic freedom. They’re winners! Or are they? Certainly, an artist should have a say over how their work is disseminated to the public. But what about the freedom of rock’n’roll!?! It is built on the 2-3 minute masterpieces of Howlin’ Wolf, LaVern Baker, Delmore Brothers and Bo Diddley. This important tradition continued on through Nancy Sinatra, the Count Five, Big Star and Modern Lovers. Did the Ramones, Avengers or Undertones ever write a song over three minutes? Heck no. Individual downloads are like the post-modern digital version of the much vaunted 7″ 45 rpm single. Now that’s rock’n’roll! Here at K we still serve our rock’n’roll young, loud and completely unscientific! And you don’t need to pay up the nose for it! In this context, Pink Floyd are total LOSERS! Get this: the K Mail Order Dept. offers downloads of any song from any album or single, for only 69 cents each. So Heavy.

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