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Friday, December 16th, 2011

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The somewhat unknown tour video for Christmas‘ 2009 West Coast tour with Desolation Wilderness. Features live footage, drunk footage, band arguments, Voodoo Donuts donuts, the merits of Santa Cruz, and some excellent surprise vocals by Pat.

CHRISTMAS from VideWhoa Video on Vimeo.

from the video description:

Christmas was first an idea that was born in an eastern European dive bar. Emily Beanblossom (vocals, keys) and Pat Scott-Walsh (guitar) had decided to go to Poland together without even knowing each other. But while there, they had realized their mutual love for shitty sounding music. When they got back to Olympia, rock and roll didn’t even exist. People had to find other ways to swear, drink, and just go crazy in a town where suppression of the these human urges was the way it was. So Emily called up her friend Dave Halegua and told him he was going to be in a rock and roll band and play bass. After seeing Jake Jones’ fast-pasted Moon Runners play (a bit of post-punk mixed with Black Sabbath) he was asked to join. So the members of Christmas decided they needed to make a band that wasn’t nice or pretty, but rough and sexy. They finally got their act together and they even started to remember the songs they wrote. The first show resulted in a bunch of underage kids getting kicked out of the bar and spilled beer all over. Since then, Christmas has released a 7″ with Endless Latino, and did a west coast tour with Desolation Wilderness in the summer of 2009, followed by a few one-offs in San Francisco with Thee Oh Sees and Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa. They like playing Santa Cruz because beautiful people party really hard. Portland has been nice to them and Seattle lets them play art openings.

Video shot and edited by Brian Echon.

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