Chain and the Gang & The Outdoor Photo Phenom

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Katie Alice Greer (Chain & The Ganger) sheds a little light on the growing phenom of outdoor photo booths.  Why don’t we have one of these in Olympia!?
“The outdoor photobooth is on the edge of U Street, which is sort of a big nightlife neighborhood in DC. It is in the parking lot of a drugstore, and basically they have like 6 different backdrops up every night. At least 4 of these are required to be paintings of like, giant bottles of vodka, or Hennessy floating in space, or in a jungle or something, because the idea is that people who have consumed drinks MADE out of these alcohols will be like ‘Oh honey I would just love it if our Christmas picture was of you and me standing under that giant bottle of Grey Goose? Let’s go get our picture taken! ‘And this plan works!
I’ve asked the guys who run the booth and they say that the alcohol bottles are always the most popular backdrop. There is also one that says “WASTED!” and apparently its a total crowd favorite. BUT there is always one or two backdrops that feature cars or staircases or things that are not bottles of booze and so Ian and I like to get our pictures taken under those and just hang out in the parking lot for a little bit, because the people who hang out over there are usually really nice cause they are on their way home from a party or some other fun type of night.”
Umm, we love these photos of you and Ian, Katie.  Send us some more!
The new Chain & the Gang album In Cool Blood [KLP240] is out June 26 on K.

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