Calvin’s Birthday Party!

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

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This past Sunday, a few of the ladies in Calvin‘s life (his mom, Mariella, and Lois!) rented out the South Bay Grange in Olympia, Washington, to throw Calvin an early birthday party!  It was pretty much everything that you would expect it to be . . . there were tables of pie, cake, and salads, tons of hot tea, and lots of dancing!

You can’t tell, but I think that Calvin, Tae, and Arrington were having a really good time!  Look at how handsome they all are!

Jill came all the way from New York to hang out and eat pie.  Joel just drove up the road!

Someone brought a bowl full of fresh figs.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many first-time fig tasters in one place before!

Tae was the official photographer of the party — I can’t wait to see what he captured.  My iPhone photos don’t do this party justice!

Ian Svenonius came up from recording in Portland, and him and Joel B. spun records for the dance party!

Brett Lyman came up with Ian, and taught Joel, Jill, and I a new snapping handshake.  I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but they were mid-snap, and it was pretty great.

K cupcakes!  Classic!

Jill and Katie!  So cute!

Jill is an incredible artist and built her second handmade K miniature temple.  This one was a present for Calvin, and actually has a hidden box inside!  SO RAD!

Joel, Reid, and Ben drinking tea!

Forrest and his lovely wife, Roussa, just had the CUTEST new baby, Margot!

Mar (one of the amazing party planners) held her for a while.  It’s hard to resist wanting to hang out with this cute baby!

Joel and Carson!


The beautiful Danielle!

Tae took photos of Calvin’s staff and family!  Jill took these photos with my phone, but I can’t wait to see the real ones!

Jason Traeger talking about how we’re all on a spinning globe in space . . .

Edmond, obviously!

Check out little Miko dancing!

Twin shoes!

Danielle and Ashley!

Ange and Lindsay!

Reid and Michael!

And to top it off, Arrington and China made, hands down, the coolest pear-cardamom pie with marzipan creatures on top ever!  PIE OF THE YEAR!

Calvin‘s real birthday is on November 1st, so send him a happy birthday then!  🙂


3 responses to “Calvin’s Birthday Party!”

  1. Jill says:

    I feel really weird because I was in WAY too many of those pictures. But I had an awesome time! Great party, everyone.

  2. Forrest says:

    This party was super fun! Amazing pies and goodies. This was the first time we actually went this far north on Sleater-Kinney road. I guess it takes a Calvin Johnson b-day party to lead us off the beaten path.

    Thanks party planners!

  3. E. L. Johnson says:

    Thank you, Lois and Mariella for a wonderful celebration!
    It was an awesome pie, so beautiful I fear no one had a taste!

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