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Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

>Karl Blau: He Did It!
Everyone’s favorite Karl Blau set a goal for the month of September to fund his new KLAPS series of twelve concept albums using the Kickstarter website, and it worked! He is completely funded! His goal was a paltry $16,000; by midnight on September 30 the grand total was $26,000. Congratulations, Karl!

Part of the successful goal-reaching was the World-the-World Song Relay organized by various friends and bandmates of Karl who performed his songs, or songs inspired by him. For instance, from Port Townsend, Washington we have Solvents:

From Tokyo, Japan we have Mako Hasegawa singing “Ode to Ocean”:

Here is Karl Blau himself playing a song with Geneveive Castree in Anacortes, Washington:

The ever-prolific Karl Blau has important K releases you need to investigate, most prominently his 12″ EP Max [KLP227], recorded earlier this year at Dub Narcotic Studio: a snack pack of subdued, soulful, introspective funk. He has a 45 in our Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series of 7” 45 rpm phonograph records, “Golden Chariot” [DBN120], with a remix on the flipside by Selector Dub Narcotic, “Dub the Chariot”. Of course, both of these phonograph records are available as digital downloadables from the K Mail Order Dept. These should hold you until the KLAPS albums starting rolling through.

Do You Download K Music?
If you, like everyone else in the world, consume your K music via digital Downloadables you should be aware that the K Mail Order Dept. has all the K music you could ever desire available for downloading digitally, at a much lower price than all those other sites you may frequent. You can get music by the song, the single, the EP or the album, instantly!
the K Mail Order Dept. is also your source for all things K whether it be hardcopy versions of the new Nucular Aminals album Nucular Aminals [KLP233] or their new volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7” 45 rpm phonograph records “Nobody’s Man” [IPU137], it will be packaged and mailed to you in a jiffy!
What of K back catalogue classics that you may not find readily in your local record emporium like the Blow album Poor Aim: Love Songs [KLP167] or the debut Pine Hill Haints album Ghost Dance [KLP186]? These are also available from the K Mail Order Dept. on either LP or CD (and of course as digital downloadables). A splendid stopping point on this World-Wide Web of computer interface, the K Mail Order Dept.

Recent Releases from Our Friends and Neighbors!

Derek M. Johnson Derek M. Johnson LP (Aphonia Recordings)
An explosive exploration of sound. Anyone who has seen Mr. Johnson’s recent performances knows that his elaborately constructed mounted slide animations are indeed like little explosions… at least when they are contained within their tiny 35 mm mounts. When projected though, they become galaxies, bleached (literally) impressionistic fields and hills, the beheaded forks of flames and larger than life globules. This release is, in it’s sonic signature, the same. No one is more happy (and relieved) than Derek M. Johnson for this release. It has been a project spanning nearly 2 years of continuous effort on his part.

Procrastihontas Mass Produced CS
Four songs sad and soft acoustic about being let down by the world around you. Slow late night strums and resonant notes. A run of 50 cassettes packlaged in a hand sewn, one of a kind cloth pocket.

Seacats “We Don’t Sleep” 45 (Fin)
The young musical wizards of the SEACATS (The five-piece has two 15 year olds, and only one member over 20) have created something for their graduation to vinyl record that is so special and so skilled that it absolutely has to be heard to be believed. It is, simply put, a jaw dropping mastery of the pop form that defies the bands collective age.

Whiting Tennis “Every Night I’m Killing” 45 (Fin)
Whiting Tennis is a well-known visual artist. He has shown his work all around this crazy globe of ours. His aural work is available on vinyl for the first time and you should experience it for yourself. You will be absorbed. One way or another, with moss or with dirt, you are going to be absorbed. It will be slow. At first it will grab at your heart then you might feel a pull on the bones and if you let go… you understand.

The Diving Bell “Shooting Star, Falling” 45 (Fin)
From the opening shimmering staccato guitar line to the final fleeting organ notes of The Diving Bell’s debut single it is clear something unique and precious has been captured on this 7” piece of beach-glass colored vinyl. A single listen hits one with a sort of aural déjà vu that is simultaneously timeless and perfectly timely.

The Diving Bell “China, My China” 45 (Fin)
The Diving Bell’s second single travels a wider path than their debut 7”: sunshine, cherry blossoms and cross-dressing city officials populate this expansive musical landscape – and The Diving Bell move about it expertly. The pop and fire are palpable and the songs are smart. They are dark, tart, light and nimbly sweet in all the right places.

Stag “Don’t Lead with Your Heart” 45 (Fin)
Seattle’s weekly the Stranger, in a preview of an upcoming show, recently commented that this hand numbered limited-edition of 500, pink colored vinyl 45 is a “must-have”, and we couldn’t agree more! Stag’s “Don’t Lead With Your Heart” is gorgeous on the outside and amazing on the inside.

Timothy Blackman Everyone Needs Something to Hold CD (Home Alone Music)
Timothy Blackman is a singer from Wellington New Zealand. Classically trained in violin from the age of five, in his formative years Blackman revolted against convention, turning to the inchoate angst of grunge music. In 2002 he moved to Dunedin and founded the minimalist punk rock band Jezebel Sundae, who preformed regularly in the local music scene.
Tired of thrashing chords and depleting his lungs, Tim changed direction, beginning to mould solitary pensive songs on an old four-track borrowed from a friend. The lo-fi bedroom recordings were eventually self-released as the EP, Giraffes, Wharves and Sinking Sand. Weaving together enigmatic and opaque lyrics and skeletal guitar picking, the recording had an intimacy that was unnervingly immediate. In 2010 Blackman returned to his hometown after an eight year hiatus recording his sophomore LP, Everybody Needs Something To Hold On To, over four days in an abandoned church on the outskirts of Wellington. Everybody departs from Tim’s laconic lo-fi leanings, delivering richly evocative sweeps of instrumentation and polished vocals which nonetheless remain quintessentially solemn and sincere. The album was produced by Timothy Armstrong and features a number of Blackmans friends from other Wellington bands/orchestras.

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