Beat Happening, Autumn Design

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Over at Birdie’s Variety (a dry goods fanzine) Lois Maffeo (who has numerous recording projects available through K) has posted a photograph of a hand-made Beat Happening shirt she acquired in early 1988. It was made for our U.S. tour celebrating the release of the Jamboree album. You can read all about it in the last issue of FIB magazine, which is dedicated to Beat Happening. Lois tells the whole story. Actually, that issue of FIB is sold out. Still available is the Olympia Walking Tour publication, meticulously researched by FIB editor Jimmy Sharp, which outlines the assorted journeys trekked by Bret, Heather and myself in the VIDEO for “Indian Summer” (a song from Jamboree). Not as exciting as it sounds.


One response to “Beat Happening, Autumn Design”

  1. gooooogle says:

    Oh this is so stylish. I like it.

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