Monday, September 13th, 2010

There is so much happening around the K it is difficult to find time to write it all down for publication here at the K Office. However, you folks have been very persistent, requesting an update on all things K. Thank you for that.

The big news is that the K Singles Zip-Pak has now been sending itself out to all of you subscribers for twelve weeks! We are celebrating this three months of goodness by transmitting the latest volume in the International Pop Underground 7” singles (Volume CXXXIII), featuring the Olympia band Western Hymn. It is called Out of the Way EP and is quite rockulous.

Recently previewed via the K Singles Zip-Pak was the imminent 12” single by the Hive Dwellers, “Get in”. We the Hive Dwellers spent last week traveling to Vancouver, B.C. to play at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, their auditorium pictured above.

Gabriel and Spencer of the Hive Dwellers, preparing themselves mentally for the challenge of the British Columbian mind:

We then hopped a ferry to Vancouver Island where we played a wacky shindig behind the
Fifty Fifty Arts Collective in Victoria. Ver cools.

Meanwhile, behind the K office strawberries are still bearing fruit:

Today has been spent in Dub Narcotic Studio preparing 7” sleeves for the upcoming City Center single “Zen Kids” (part of the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series). The generic  Dub Narcotic Disco Plate sleeves first have a double C cut out of them with the Ideal Stencil Maker, then are rubber stamped with the words “CITY CENTER ZEN KIDS DBN116”. This single was also recently previewed via the K Singles Zip-Pak, along with the Special App of a video featuring City Center’s Ryan and Fred playing an a capella version of “Zen Kids”.

If you have yet to subscribe to the K Singles Zip-Pak, an ongoing series of weekly downloadables available exclusively by subscription, you can do so
HERE. Or you can hear a constant streaming of K Singles Zip-Pak songs HERE.

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