Six Questions with Jared Wait-Molyneux of The Shivas

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

This week I had the pleasure of doing a six-question interview with Jared Wait-Molyneux of   The Shivas, who just began their nation-wide tour with where they will soon meet up with The Dandy Warhols!  Their latest, Whiteout! [KLP243], is available everywhere!

Le Interview:

1. Where are you currently living?

Mallory Avenue, in Portland, OR in a room on the north side of the house. Main floor. Moved there a few summers ago, into the house.

2.This really is the ultimate question, the whole rest of the interview resides on it.  Pie or cake?

For me personally, pie. I like cake too, but, pie. Its a little cooler, a little smoother, easier to eat a lot of. I like a lot of the ones with fruit in em. Its just classic you know, you can’t really go wrong.

3. What shoes are you currently wearing?

Well right now I’m actually barefoot. But I have some shoes, they’re red-colored Keds, and super worn-in. I was supposed to buy more before tour but I doubt that’ll happen.

4. Your current favorite record?

That’s a tough question, there have been a few. I’ve actually been listening to Music’s Not For Everyone [KLP220] by Chain & The Gang a lot. Jeez, as soon as i think about it, I dunno, there’s just so many. I just got Melted by Ty Segall. That’s one of my favorites, I’ve been listening to that a bunch.

5. What is the last book you finished?

Oh man, goddammit, okay. I didn’t intend for this to get Chain & The Gang-centric but the last book I finished was Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group by Ian F. Svenonius. Haha.

6. And this one is from Robert Comitz from Nucular Aminals: When you were still learning, what made you continue to play music?

I dunno, I still am learning. But when I was beginning, I don’t really know what made me wanna do it. I asked my parents for a guitar when I was four or something. I don’t even remember what made me ask, I just kept doing it until I got a guitar and lessons. And when I started listening more to music that I was choosing to listen to, that got me into playing a lot and not just learning music out of a method book. Songs that I seemed to listen to a lot, they’re what kept pushing me to play music.

7. And finally, Jared came up with his own question for when the next K artist takes the six-question interview:

Please liken the personal dynamic of your group to the closest movie/TV show.

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