Anacortes Unknown Music Series

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Our friends up in Anacortes are putting on their 3rd Unknown Music Series (originally What the Heck Fest) July 19th – 21st!!

On the bill this year are some our loves at K like LAKE, Ashley Eriksson, Karl Blau, Phil Elvrum of Mt. Eerie, The Hive Dwellers, and some people we happen to live next to like Eleanor Murray, Paul on Ever Ending Kick who played drums with LAKE, and Ô Paon‘s Geneviève Castrée who’s also behind K’s Woelv.

It’s a weekend of all things art, movies, music, word with DINNER INCLUDED, but most importantly a gathering of amazing inspirational people. (That you could happen to sit next to during an included dinner…bonus.)

The tickets are on early bird sale right now on their page and while you’re at it you can get distracted by various things on their tumblr.

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